vendredi 3 mars 2023

My little world.

A souvenir from my father who made it

Today, I was looking at some little corners I like in our home. As my son says: “it’s my world!”
So let me show you my little world!

 A drawing I did a long time ago from Edith Holden’s book

A vintage statue I found on a brocante market
My Maileg house for Maxime
A little corner of our bedroom 
The Spring mantel decoration 

The downstairs bedroom

Kitchen shelf with angel vintage plate
Vintage bird cage I painted white and decorated


Something from my childhood 

Vintage Yardley soap holder
Maileg kitchen
An embroided butterfly 🦋 

Peter Rabbit
Souvenir from Cornwall 

Picture comes at the wrong place! Vintage photo of a little boy found in a brocante.

 Yesterday, I went to the clinic to the anesthetist. This part of the clinic is the old part where I was born in Rouen. Now it’s no more a maternity but a clinic.

My taxi was on time and I had no stress!.
I keep my stress for THE day! 😆 on the surgery day Mr L will accompany me, he took a day off.

Mr L is on duty day at his medical office, so we will have a short weekend. Today is Skype day with Maxime my baby grandson we spend one hour together with my son and this is the nicest part of my week!
Then tomorrow we are planing to go to the sea and breathe some fresh ( cold) air. The weather won’t be fine, but we both need to go out.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love all the things you showed us at your home! Nice!
    You'll be fine with your eye surgery!

  2. I love your style! You have a knack for showing all those old things with charm. You are talented at drawing too!
    Enjoy your skype with Maxime and your time at the sea.

  3. You have a beautiful collection of old things and make such great displays of them. I am sure your home is nice to visit!

  4. What lovely things you have in your home, Catherine. Your drawing of the birds is beautifully done. I hope your eye surgery goes well.


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