lundi 29 avril 2024

Good Luck! 🍀

 Hello Friends,

This month of May here is a month of many Bank holidays beginning by the 1rst of May . The first of May in our country we exchange some lily of the valley  to wish luck to the person you give it, so this morning I went to get some for my husband and one for myself as Mr L will not have time to get some ( too much work)

I will take a blog pause during some days. We will go out during these Bank holidays, so I see you soon and I send you luck 🍀 through the Lily of the valley picture!

dimanche 28 avril 2024

My yellow peony

New outside rug!
New table and chairs for the family. When opened it is for 8 people.

Today as during the beginning of the month it is raining non stop and it is very cold for Spring. We received the new table and chairs for the garden. I have some paint to do outside but it’s impossible because of the weather
We are used to rain in Normandy, but not everyday!
Between two showers I could quickly take a picture of my opened yellow peony, I find it beautiful!

 I watched the weather forecast and it should be better by the middle of the week. We are impatient to go out and cook with the barbecue!

samedi 27 avril 2024

Getting garden decorations.

With a solar lamp
These are what we choose from the little shop to put in our garden.

This morning, we went to do some shopping for our garden decoration. Some more solar lamps and an outside carpet to put under our new table and chairs.( My husband is building the table in the garage because of the rain)

Then we went there. We did not go to the abbey this time, too cold and too much rain. This is my favourite decoration shop and this is also a very nice B&B «  l’Atelier de Tess »
This is a small village.
This is the entrance of the monastery( pictures taken earlier in the year)
We had our lunch there, we ate crepes and continued our Saturday « trip » to the garden Center to look for a 
 Plant shredder. We are going to get it tomorrow morning. to get rid of the cut vegetation.
Tomorrow will be the chat with Maxime and relax in the afternoon !

vendredi 26 avril 2024


This morning I am preparing our children and grandchildren arrival, as we don’t know yet the date of their arrival. June or July?
I bought a lot of second hand clothes so they don’t have to carry a lot during their flight.
I washed all the clothes this morning to be ready!
Yesterday I decided to decorate this bird cage I had for long with fake roses. The bird cage is in the first floor bathroom .
Little boys clothes and a lot of dungarees easy to wear
And dungarees shorts.
Then I ‘ll bake an apple and rhubarb crumble and this afternoon get the vegetables and fruits from the farm.

A nice weekend to you, thank you for coming.

jeudi 25 avril 2024

My collection.

The peonies is slowly opening, it is long because we don’t have enough sun 🌞 !
Today, let me show you some of my « Biscuit » collection . Biscuit is a porcelain  cooked twice. I think these ones are from the early 20th Century if I look at their clothes. I got them from street markets and got a lot which are a bit damaged, but they are precious.
Most of the ones I got are representing children with animals and flowers In soft colours, also angels.
These are four of my collection. I love all the details!

 Yesterday was a busy day doing some ironing. I was very late and had to iron a lot of my husband’s shirts 👔 as he is still working and has to wear a shirt during the weeks, but it is soon the end of the week ! Tomorrow I will get the fruits and vegetables 🥦 from the farm and do the cooking and baking for the weekend.

Thank you for coming.

mardi 23 avril 2024

Garden and countryside.

Today, I had to go back to the shop we bought our table and chairs. The delivery man yesterday said I had to go back to the shop, something was missing on the chairs… but in fact I drove 24 kms for nothing ! Nothing was missing!

Well, I looked at the paints to know which colour I’ll choose when I am going to paint the front gate. I took a paint. Sample with me.

Then I decided to go in the valley before going back home and take pictures. This very old Normand house was a restaurant it is beautiful outside and inside, surrounded by a park.
Beautiful with the wisteria !
This is the little river «  Oison »

The smallest town hall of France.

Last week I found these small solar lamps
One of our Rhododendron is blooming, I love the colour !

The small Azalea became very big

The wisteria 
The lilacs

 And our neighbours !

We have frost during the nights, but sun during the day!

A good day!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...