jeudi 29 février 2024

Waiting for the birth!

 Hello Friends !

Tomorrow, we will be busy going to IKEA and build the furniture. The day of the baby William’s birth is approaching (5 days) I will be busy this coming week, so I ´ll be off  from my blog. I hope the birth will go well, he is already 3.5 kilos and certainly another caesarean is expected.

Our DIL ´d mother has arrived in Dubaï and will stay all March to help her daughter with the two boys. She is just retired from teaching. 

See you soon!

This and that…

Garden bloom and a rose from my Valentine bouquet.

 Yesterday I have printed some of my pictures and will get frames on Saturday.

Mr L is working on one of his puzzle every evening !

Yesterday, I found this child little planter and I thought it would be nice to grow radishes and flowers with Maxime when he will be there. All the tools are included for 12 euros ( at Gifi) he is not used to much plants in the town and desert 🐪 !

Afterwards, I went to get some fabric for the cradle quilt and came across this fabric that will match the decoration of my son’s room and furniture transfer I will have to do in the boys’ room. Sea, lighthouse…

This is the shop 12 kms from home , nothing nearer
But they have wool and all you need for crafting.

Today it
will be reading day! Our authorities have decided to cut power during two hours today. We received a lettre and I don’t think it will only be once!

Two days ago I have heard on the local news that all the villages in our surroundings, including us will have their water bill 60% more expensive ! They have to do work on the water network and don’t have enough money…so we have to pay! But 60% more is enormous.

The power will be cut from 2 to 4 this afternoon and there may be incidents on the lines afterwards in case we did not get the power back we must call a number, I hope everything gets back to normal! Keep our fingers crossed !!!

I don’t know how the shops, hairdressers and industries will do?

Well! It’s a bad time for everybody here today, but also in the coming times!

What about your country ? Have you got problems?

But on Saturday we are going to IKEA and to a secondhand baby shop to see what we can get . I already got a baby chair last year and some toys I have cleaned and disinfected. I am so glad to decorate the boys room!

I wish you a good day!

mercredi 28 février 2024

Blooming trees

Ihad hard time to use my sewing machine!drinking coffe in my Emma Bridgewater mug with blue tit.

But I manage to sew three dust bags.
Yesterday, the weather forecast was at rain, but in fact we had sun and blue sky!

The night before we hat 130 kms wind again after the storm Louis. The weather forecast can’t predict what the weather will be nowadays.

The trees are blooming and I could hear many bees 🐝 I hope we won’t have frost again.

 Today, I must go to the fabric shop. I want to make a baby quilt with the fabric I have left from my son’s baby cradle ( from L Ashley ´d vintage fabric)

I am not good at using a sewing machine, so it takes me some time 😆, but I don’t despair ! I am a little more clever each time…now, I have to go to the fabric shop and take pictures.

Have a good day and thank you for coming!

lundi 26 février 2024

Better stay indoor!

 Hello Friends !

Yesterday, I decided to get rid of all the fabrics I had in my closet and decided to sew dust bags for my bag collection ! Yes, I am a bag addict ! I already got rid of the wool and now the fabric. The small pieces will go in a patchwork and the Laura Ashley one is going to be a bed and pillow cover for the new baby cradle. It will go from father to son! Here is my new bag! One more!

Yesterday, I also baked scones to eat with my lemon curd, scones are good, easy to make and SO good with tea!

Our DIL has a doctor appointment to see if she is going to have a second Caesarian, the baby was small and had problems, but with the vitamins they gave her now it seems to be a big baby like the first one! So they don’t want him to be too big and he may arrive earlier.

The other grandma has arrived and will stay about a month to help her daughter which is reassuring.

The weather is still horrible and we had strong wind last night today we will have more rain and rain!I will continue my sewing 🧵 and I must do some exercise on my treadmill as I am not going out it is so wet and cold at the same time.

I hope you’ll spend a nice day with some sun 🌞 !

Thank you for coming.

Laura Ashley vintage decoration.

Hello Friends!

Yesterday afternoon I baked croissant 🥐 for our tea time. Today, I am thinking of the nursery decoration.

Many years ago I found this old photo of this nice little boy and framed it ( with an IKEA frame) I like these kind of frame with nothing around it, makes the picture more visible. I also have an old boy navy costume somewhere in a box.

Sweet little boy isn’t he?
The paper under the frame is from my son’s child bedroom and I think I will do a frame with some of it

To decorate the room. It’s a Laura Ashley’s paper.

I loved her decoration and the whole house in the 80’s was decorated with her wallpaper and curtains ( I even dressed L.Ashley !)

This was my son’s cradle fabric.  L Ashley …
I had all her books. A real fan 😆 !

I don’t know yet what I am going to sew with the fabric

Must get inspiration ! But I’m sure I’ll find.

I discovered the shop in Bath when I was a student in the 80’s. There is one in Dubaï, but it is quite different now. Before we had one in Rouen it was so vintage and beautiful, but time flies and have to adapt to modernity I expect…

Did you have Laura Ashley shops in your countries?

I am longing to visit Ikea on Saturday and get new furniture for the room!

Today, the storm Louis is gone, but has left more and more rain, better stay inside!

Thank you for coming, have a nice week!


dimanche 25 février 2024

Working for our Grandson’s

 Hello Friends !

Thank you for your Birthday wishes, my daughter warmly thanks you!

We had a very nice day. Maud made the crepes for everyone as she used to do in the past! In the early morning we had been to the farm «  charcuterie »

To get all sorts of ham , they bread their own pigs and have their own flax fields to nourish the pigs.

It was delicious ! ( I don’t eat meat very often but I tasted it this time) we drank cider from Normandy and then had the sweet crepes and a little of the Birthday cake.

In the afternoon my SIL worked on our roof windows as he had ordered the pieces to change on the net and my husband cleaned the roof windows a good job 👏 !

While my daughter and I had a good time chatting 😆 and I have been working hard knitting 🧶 and finishing her snood with cotton she had chosen… knitting needles 2.5 it was hard job!

At the end of the day when it was dark they went home with all the presents and a basket full of food and goodies ( like Maxime says) he said to his father before leaving for the nursery: bye,bye daddy buy some goodies.( when he comes back home!)

Today, the house looks empty  but I will be working for Maxime colouring a cardboard log cabin ( I have  one more cardboard toys to colour the castle 🏰 !)

I have until July! 

Next Saturday, we are going to IKEA buy some chest of drawers and have a look at the child’s bed for Maxime. We already have everything for his baby brother.

Today it is grey and only 6 degrees. Time for colouring !have a nice day and thank you for your visits !

End of holidays.

Hello Friends, Only two more days and they’ll go back to Dubai. We did a lot. Went to Rouen yesterday and met auntie Maud, went to see the c...