dimanche 5 mars 2023

A nice day out on the coast

This house is “Henry 4 house” very old house, because Henry the 4 stayed in the house. (16th century)
Very old nice house.

Today it was cold and misty

We left this morning and decided to go to the sea on the Normand coast. This is a typical fishing village, well known here and in Summer it is very crowded. So today it was grey and cold the ideal day to avoid the crowd!

I took some video of the smallest “river” of France which goes into the sea ( Manche) this is “ Veules les Roses” ( the Chanel )

This is the River Veules( like the river Seine) but tiny!

These are the initial of the owners ( beginning of 20 th century) it was in the front gate.
Our Normandy cliffs

Kind of houses “villas” seaside type

The little shop where you find anything 
Seaside small cabins.
The entry of the hotel

Wild daffodils 

Isn’t this house lovely!

Typical house
We had lunch there. This village is a very nice romantic place . We had a very nice day!
I hope you had a very nice one too.

5 commentaires:

  1. Such a beautiful village! It's amazing that some of those 16th century houses are still standing, considering how they were constructed. It is well preserved.

  2. What a lovely day! You saw some beautiful sights. I love the old buildings and how cool to see the Henry 4 house!

  3. I love the tiny videos! It's wonderful to experience Normandy without actually being there!

  4. Dear Catherine,
    It was nice walking with you in the Normandy village and looking at the sea and the houses. I'm glad you had a good time yesterday. Hugs. Éva

  5. What beautiful houses! I love the one with the lacy wooden designs. So intricate. Normandy is indeed beautiful!


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