lundi 27 mars 2023

DIY day and internet problem

I must make a tablecloth and cushions for the chairs.
Today, it’s a bad day. Many problems at the same time!
No internet a problem on the line I use 4G  and other problems arrived to add at the first one!
I managed to start my little suitcase to keep calm
Because I know the week will certainly not be a quiet one.
I also made a decorated Easter egg with flowers I got (from Action.)
They have tested the line and nothing is working, so if you don’t have news from me you’ll know I am waiting for the technicians to solve the problem! It is very slow to upload pictures.


6 commentaires:

  1. I hope that your internet will work well again and I can read your blog.
    There is stormy wind outside I am afraid that there will be problem with electricity. The wind is so strong today. Anything can happen in this weather. Hugs, Éva

  2. I hope the internet problem will be solved quickly.
    Cute Easter flower that you made! Keep Calm as you can :)

  3. Internet issues are no fun!
    Your crafts are though - they look good!

  4. make everything look beautiful! Hope the internet is fixed!

  5. Well, at least you have your crafts to keep you occupied.

  6. Since you were able to post this, I hope all of the problems went away! Crafting is a good way to keep calm.


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