vendredi 28 juin 2024

Ready for tomorrow !

Hello Friends,

I have been busy moving the furniture and preparing the « dormitory »!

Some of the toy are downstairs but most of them are in a room upstairs. They’ll stay three weeks so I must have some toys for the three weeks to go!

William’s bed

Maxime’s bed

I have to make the parents bed

 Baths are ready.

The oatmeal cookies are done and Madeleine’s paste is in the fridge and will be baked tomorrow. Madeleines are Maxime’s favorite « Goodies »!

Well some more to do tomorrow before they arrive by 7 pm.

Tomorrow is work in the garden for grandpa and some more cleaning for grandma !

I wish you a nice weekend !

mercredi 26 juin 2024

A little boy and his suitcase

This little boy has bought his suitcase and is ready to board and visit granny !
Today, I got up very early the temperature will be very heigh 32 C.
I used my new crockpot to cook chicken.

I made goodies
Cherry 🍒 clafoutis, apple and strawberry crumble, banana and chocolate loaf…

Peach 🍑 cookies
A Danish recipe 

 Chicken crockpot.

mardi 25 juin 2024

French goodies!

I found this soft toy for the grandsons!
This morning the boiler have been cleaned for the winter.
Three different heart shape cookies
Three sorts of cookies
Little Finznciers
Calvados apples
During our weekend, we went to a hand made cookies shop and many « goodies » as Maxime would say!

He loves goodies, so granny and grandpa went to get all sorts of goodies for dad and son.

A LOT of cookies boxes

All about violets. I bought violet sugar
Violet jam, violet syrup …

All you need for baking! 

 Baking frosting…

Today, I have been grocery shopping and this afternoon starting cooking and baking and freezing, I’ll continue tomorrow !

lundi 24 juin 2024

Le Landemer urville nacqueville Cotentin.

Hello friends,

I am back for a few days. We had a very hard time when our son was I’ll and stayed in hospital in Dubaï.
We have been very worried, now he is feeling better and they should arrive next weekend if he is well enough.
This weekend was the weekend of our Birthday gift from our children, so we closed the gate and went away to relax. It was a nice hotel with a very nice sea view and a gastronomic meal.
We arrived on Friday evening, unpacked and put our clothes in the wardrobe, then went to have supper outside. « L’Auberge des Grottes » jobourg.
On top of the cliff ( land’s end)
We had a nice meal and a nice relaxed evening there.

This view is from our hotel restaurant 

But something désagréable happened to me !
When I wanted to get dressed for the supper at the restaurant my garments had been stolen!
It’s the first time i had stolen clothes in a hotel!
I was disappointed and very angry and when I noticed the problem they considered me as a liar…I am so disappointed !
But they accepted a refund as I had just bought the garment but did not have time to wear it I had the shop ticket. It is a pity such things happen in such a place!
The most important is that our son gets better!
The next day, we visited the British Second World War m new memorial

When going to a famous biscuit shop we discovered this Medieval fortifications 
this is the vintage biscuit shop. Not only biscuits, but jam, spices, alcohol….

Cherries in alcohol 

Beautiful English china

View from the room
Smallest harbour of France Port Racine

We visited and got lost in the exotic garden ( Vauville)

Now it is getting hot here I think Summer has finally arrived!
Have a nice week.

End of holidays.

Hello Friends, Only two more days and they’ll go back to Dubai. We did a lot. Went to Rouen yesterday and met auntie Maud, went to see the c...