mercredi 29 juin 2022

Very busy day.

Last night I have watched a program called “ the cleaners” it’s about people who have problems to clean their house and need help. The houses are very dirty !
Mr L does not like the program, but went out to take the dog for a walk so I could watch it…
This morning I felt like doing some 🧽 🧹 cleaning!
I started during the weekend by cleaning the downstairs windows, so today I cleaned the downstairs floors 
Upstairs 🪟 windows, did the dusting in four rooms.
Yesterday I did the ironing and have new clothes to ironed today.
This is one of the bedroom I cleaned. On the bookshelves are my magazines.

 Door going on the balcony, picture from travels
Next was my son’s room

Notice the map of Canada above the desk!

I did the study which has also a big white wardrobe on one wall
The upstairs bathroom 
Our room
And now I am watching Hercule Poirot!
Yesterday I finished a book, started another one and finished it last night… so I started a new one this morning!
I think I will have a cup of cocoa!
Tomorrow is the day I go to hospital for my eye laser.
Now that I have cleaned the windows …. They are harvesting before the rain! Dust everywhere! 😆 

mardi 28 juin 2022

Morning routine.

At the back of the house the rose bush is blooming and a lot bees are buzzing 
Bandit is looking for Ceasar his enemy!
He was not in the weeping willow but he certainly was during the night.
The wheat is soon ready to cut 🌾 

I was sure to see apples 🍎 in the apple tree
Bandit trying to climb the tree!

Once the wheat field was full of poppies it was beautiful. 
I have been watering the plant and then did some washing and ironing.
This afternoon I will be reading and having a rest!
This is today my daily routine!

I like Japanese literature.

lundi 27 juin 2022

A new week…

Hello friends!

This morning I had an appointment with the endocrinologist, but as I have eyes problems at the moment I had to take a taxi that was late so we had to rush on the road but I arrived finally on time!
Then on Thursday I have my eye laser.On This day Mr L is driving me to Rouen hospital.
This week will be a busy week, but I hope to get my view back to normal to continue my reading.
Since I went to hospital in Dubai in March, I am not feeling very well and I don’t have very good blood tests I am waiting for the results of new ones. Some new scanners 

And MRI will have to be scheduled again.
But my son and grandson are arriving in August and all
Must be fine for their arrival!

I love daisies, simple flowers but beautiful.

Today the weather is back to fine with sun and heat.
Yesterday, Mr L did some gardening while I did some cooking and baking, I got the rhubarb from the garden and made a rhubarb tart and a cherry clafoutis 🍒 
A lemon 🍋 ice cream and we did barbecue. 

To make my ice cream, I put the  bowl 🥣 in the freezer for 12 hours then get it out of the freezer put the ingredients in it and 30 minutes later I have my lemon ice cream 🍦 

Blue hydrangeas are blooming in the shade of the weeping wellow.

Pierre de Ronsard always so beautiful 
Some roses we bought on Saturday 
This white hydrangea was given to me by a Vietnamese friend some years ago .
Raspberries are soon to be eaten…
Pierre de Ronsard I love it!

Perfumed honeysuckle and jasmine .
I hope everything goes well.
I wish you a good week and nice weather!

The picture went at the wrong place!
I am glad I found this machine on Saturday and I will try to make spaghetti, fettuccini ant lasagne.

samedi 25 juin 2022

A cool Sunday and Giverny water lilies

These are pictures I took last year of our neighbour’s horses when the baby was born.
We are having a cool weather now and yesterday we went out to the “sales” for Mr L.
The time of the “ vide grenier” has started ( sort of garage sale) but in the village.
The village next to us is organising one today and I want to get some baby bath … as our son is coming in August. I will only buy a new bed the rest will be second hand.
I received a photo yesterday of Maxine’s first swimming pool  with his mom! With his brand new swimming costume!

I hope you’ll enjoy your Sunday!

 Pictures of the water lilies.

mardi 21 juin 2022

🦅 birds and more birds…

This is a rattan bird cage I found in a thrift store long time ago and that I painted in white. 
It was before  transformed in a lamp.
As I already told you, we are surrounded by birds, mostly sparrows. Four sparrows nests above our windows and second birth of the year. They are fed and have fresh water and this morning I gave them a « Madeleine » ( cakes I have baked )and I saw a mother giving some Madeleine to her child.
Twice this week sparrows came into the house. The first one was a young one and I could catch him and took him outside, the second one went away when I opened a door it always surprises me when they come in the house!
These hearts are from Kelsch a fabric from Alsace( east of France) this fabric dates back to the Middle age and was weaved by the peasants during the winter months.
It is the cousin of the Scottish tartan  but is made of flax and hemp. In the old days they made the distinction between Catholics and Protestants . The Protestants wore red kelsch and Catholics blue one. The tartan was different from one family to another like the tartan from Scotland. The word kelsch comes from Koln ( Cologne in Germany) because of the blue from  they were using at this time .Talking about Cologne ( Kolhn) I love “ l’eau de Cologne” “4711 Kolnisch wasser”especially in Summer.

I glued on it some  silk roses I had .
More birds , but this time fake ones ! One in wood and the big one I made with felted wool.

End of holidays.

Hello Friends, Only two more days and they’ll go back to Dubai. We did a lot. Went to Rouen yesterday and met auntie Maud, went to see the c...