lundi 26 février 2024

Laura Ashley vintage decoration.

Hello Friends!

Yesterday afternoon I baked croissant đŸ„ for our tea time. Today, I am thinking of the nursery decoration.

Many years ago I found this old photo of this nice little boy and framed it ( with an IKEA frame) I like these kind of frame with nothing around it, makes the picture more visible. I also have an old boy navy costume somewhere in a box.

Sweet little boy isn’t he?
The paper under the frame is from my son’s child bedroom and I think I will do a frame with some of it

To decorate the room. It’s a Laura Ashley’s paper.

I loved her decoration and the whole house in the 80’s was decorated with her wallpaper and curtains ( I even dressed L.Ashley !)

This was my son’s cradle fabric.  L Ashley …
I had all her books. A real fan 😆 !

I don’t know yet what I am going to sew with the fabric

Must get inspiration ! But I’m sure I’ll find.

I discovered the shop in Bath when I was a student in the 80’s. There is one in DubaĂŻ, but it is quite different now. Before we had one in Rouen it was so vintage and beautiful, but time flies and have to adapt to modernity I expect…

Did you have Laura Ashley shops in your countries?

I am longing to visit Ikea on Saturday and get new furniture for the room!

Today, the storm Louis is gone, but has left more and more rain, better stay inside!

Thank you for coming, have a nice week!


7 commentaires:

  1. I love croissant! I ate it yesterday. Yours look good.
    We did not have Laura Ashley shop in my country.
    Have a good week and sunshine too after the rain.

  2. He is indeed, a sweet little boy! And I love the material! Maybe you could sew a nightdress if you have enough of it? Beautiful cloth.
    Your croissants look wonderful!
    Stay warm!

  3. That is a sweet little boy! Your room will look very cute.
    I was never in a Laura Ashley shop but I always liked her things. It was such a different world then, no internet to just order online. My one Laura Ashley dress was in a store that just had a few of her items. I always loved her style.

  4. I remember liking all things Laura Ashley too. Not sure if there were shops in Canada that sold her line of clothes etc.
    Your croissants look delicious. My youngest grandson (14 yrs) loves croissants and asks me to buy some every week when I do my shopping.

  5. I think the Laura Ashley craze was between my fashion era and that of my daughter. We both missed it. I remember lots of Laura Ashley weddings.

  6. I still have lots of Laura Ashley fabrics put away, they are timeless.

  7. I had a Laura Ashley decorating book that inspired me when my children were very young. I thought her fabrics and decor were so pretty. There was no LA store nearby.
    Your croissants look delicious!


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