vendredi 30 juin 2023

Thank you

 Dear Friends,

Many, many thanks for your condolences, prayers  and for your friendship. As you know, I am an only child (a lonely child) now I have lost my two parents.

I had a very busy week organising the funerals, so many things to think about. Yesterday I went to see the priest to organise this morning at the Catholic Church.

Choose the hymns , prayers and music.

My son arrived from Dubai yesterday and we met my daughter this morning. When you are 95 years old you don’t have many family and friends left, so we were only a few, but we don’t need to be a lot to pray and meditate . It took place  in the church where my parents got married, where I was baptised and married.

I did my best and have the feeling to have accomplished what I had to do for her. We gathered for a quick lunch and reminded of the past with our children , the time they spent with their grandparents and  after this sad moment it is nice to talk together and feel better.

She will stay in our hearts.

lundi 26 juin 2023

Sad news and blog pause.

 Hello friends,  

This Sunday evening , I had a sad news from my mother’s retirement home. My mother has left us today.Our son is coming to join us and the rest of the family family, she was in her 96 year.

I will take a blog pause. 

jeudi 22 juin 2023

Cherry 🍒 time !

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday, was a quieter day, only with a little rain.

Today it is cooler and the sky is grey, more showers to come.   Tonight Mr L will have to cut the broken branches from our trees and this weekend he will tidy the garden.

Yesterday, I tried to move and I baked a cherry cake with kirsch liqueur. It tasted very good. The 

I feel a little better this morning and I will do house cleaning and laundry 🧺 and relax this afternoon.

I am impatient to see Maxime. Yesterday, I found a little table and two armchairs and I ordered a book about the Montessori method, because Maxime is in a Montessori nursery and I want to do activities with my DIL and Maxime during his holidays. He improves very quickly and is self confident, dances and sings and now walks by himself. 

I will received my book 📕 tomorrow and an exercise book too. 

I found some second hand toys that I must clean, the high chair and baby cook. I still have got one month  and must get quickly fit! 

This morning we can breathe better 19C !

And I must get better as we are planing to go to Dubai in November when it is cooler.

I hope you’ll have a nice day!

mercredi 21 juin 2023

The little Highlander.

 Hello friends,

Yesterday, we had another storm and big branches of our trees are broken!some of the roof tiles are damaged, but today it is a little more calm.

Yesterday I went to have my hair cut before the storm as I have to go through a part of forest.

Before we left for the seaside o had the result of my MIR and I may have polyarthrite and have terrible pains. I can’t take the usual medications because another health problem. So this morning I went to the chemistry and got some black currant drops which is good against inflammation of the joints. I have a severe inflammation of one of my foot joints. Walking in the sea was good for me and relieved my pain. This week the nurse will come for a blood test.I must get better before Maxim and his parents arrive!

The worst is that I now can’t eat rhubarb pies anymore!

I will freeze it for my son when they are coming on holidays in August.

This little statuette is a “biscuits” from my collection. It represents a little highlander , I love all the details of his costume, his face and the lights colours.Behind is a little oil painting.A mountain scenery I found in s brocante. I think they go well together!

I hope you are fine and that you have nice weather!

dimanche 18 juin 2023

Too hot 🥵 again!

This rose bush is full of bees.

 Hello Friends,

We are back home with 34 degrees C! Too hot for me!

It was cooler at the sea and we ´ll try to go back during this summer again.

The garden needed watering , but we had some rain during the night and this morning and  we have lost some degrees for the day! Next week will be very hot 🥵 so better go out today.

Maxime is now walking and repeating words, he had his nursery party before the holidays.

Before leaving home we have been to the Armada in Rouen.

The biggest Tall ships meeting 42 boats, 7 kms.

This is the end tonight and there will be the parade to the sea all day. We have been on a Tall ship ⛴️ on the parade  with our children on a boat some years ago and it was a fantastic experience !
I hope you are all enjoying this Summer!

lundi 12 juin 2023

Sea side pause

Hello Friends,

I am doing a blog pause for a few days and rest on the beach!

See you soon!


dimanche 11 juin 2023

Going back to the castle in Summer!

Toy day Sunday, we went to visit again the castle « Champ de Bataille » we usually visit it two or three times a year on different times of the year.
There were quite a lot of people at our arrival, but as it is very big it was quiet.
These are  boxwood     Hedges and in between many lavenders, it was a nice walk with a lovely perfume!
The kitchen undergtound
All the copper saucepans.

The « cabinet de curiosités »
The cook was living in the kitchen, you can see a bed on the left.

Thé chapel

« cabinet de curiosités »

 Hope you enjoyed the visit!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...