lundi 6 mars 2023

A light recipe

Today, no baking! But a weight watcher’s  recipe.

Very easy and cheap one.

Recipe :

Four eggs

Six coffee spoons low fat cream 4 per cent

90 gr Roquefort cheese.

Preheat oven 200 C ( th 6-7)

Beat the eggs with the cream and Roquefort in little puces. I don’t  put any  salt as the cheese is very salty, but pepper.

Divide into 4 ramekins

Cook for 20 mn in a Bain Marie.(water bath) 

We will have them with endive salad.

(The recipe is for 4 persons.)

(Source:weight watchers tout petit prix)
Marabout edt 

I had some rice leftover and I made a rice galette.

One egg and grated Emmental that’s it!

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