samedi 29 avril 2023

First of May is Labour Day, but I already started 😆

Today, was a busy day! I first cleaned the house, made an apple tart, cleaned the rooster and goose ( yes Linda it’s a duck or a goose. 😆 ) and clean the outside carpet , table and chairs!

I painted the first coat on the poultry !then I cleaned the terrace and in between painted a basket. But tonight I am very tired  and don’t feel like preparing supper! So Mr L must order our meal!

Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and Monday is a bank holiday , I may go to a “vide greniers” ( empty attic) and have look 👀!

Have a nice Sunday.

vendredi 28 avril 2023

A trip soon to the Netherlands🇳🇱

Cheese and shrimp kroket. Kroket met kaas ! So good!
Long walks 

The beach restaurant we like to go in Cadzand Bad
Our Hotel.

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday, I had the irresistible idea of going away from home and organise a trip back to the Netherlands! Today, I must phone the kennel and see if they have room for Bandit my dog.

When we don’t have much time, we just go at the frontier between Holland and Belgium, go round Bruges and then we are close to our destination.

I keep my fingers crossed to get room at the kennel now that Spring arrived, not sure!in fact there is room!!!

I like to walk along the north  sea and go to see our favorite places and restaurants .

So everything is booked! I can’t wait  😆!

jeudi 27 avril 2023

Spring is a busy time in the garden.

Today I will have to work outside and clean 🧽 the terrace and it takes time, I will have to continue tomorrow.
We will have a busy weekend. I will have to clean and paint my hen and rooster that usually are in the garden I wish you a nice weekend!!


mercredi 26 avril 2023

A tour at the thrift store.

I think the chairs are Napoleon III style???

Forget me not porcelain 

 Hello Friends,

Today, I must clean and paint the hen and rooster that are in the garden. First I must clean them and paint them. We don’t like them in black so I went to get little paint pots this morning and then went to the thrift shop

To get some old cups and saucers to do a DIY with them.

Today,we are back to cold 5C and all sorts of weather in one day! The peonies are blooming a lot now ( I think there will be about twenty on the bush)

I just come back from the thrift store, it was a long time I have not been there. This is what I found!

You never know what you are going to find! I did not know I was going to find two chairs 🪑 ( one has lost a piece on top but I don’t mind 20 euros for both.

And with the vintage porcelain tea cups and two vintage prayer books 10 euros. The embroidery is what we call a “ cache torchon” it was used to hide the kitchen tea towel ( it was like a curtain in front of the towels)

I must go and clean my finds now!

mardi 25 avril 2023

After the carrot pies, the felted rabbits 🐇

After the carrot 🥕 little pies yesterday and between the yo-yos I am making, the crocheting and reading 
I am back to my rabbit making with felt.
I use this book and I will have to finish the rabbit family and start the fox 🦊 one!
I wish you a good day!


lundi 24 avril 2023

Carrot 🥕 Trompe l’œil.

I decided to bake the little cakes I saw 👀 in my book!
The browny was easy to bake ( makes the earth)
But the little baskets are very fragile ( I did not wait enough to cool in the fridge!) one hour.
The carrots are made of sugar paste( I found orange one! )

50 ateliers& recettes à faire en famille Modes & travaux hors série). Next time I know what to do to make them perfect! But they are very good 😊!


Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...