samedi 30 septembre 2023

Day out to IKEA.

I found different heather at IKEA.
Today, was our day out to IKEA. We met our daughter there went round the shop look for what we needed
And went to lunch and chat a lot!
I found the sheets I wanted and boxes to keep my shoes.
The shop was very crowded, so was the restaurant .
Then we went to Desjardins and I found this fake pumpkin and a perfumed candle.
Yesterday I saw some decorated wooden pegs in an old Country Living and decided to decorate some I had in stock.
I finished the yo-yos I had started some time ago.
I also found little ginger bread making for Xmas.
There is everything you need to decorate them inside and hang in the Xmas tree.

I made some black and white card board houses and found black and white fabric to sew pumpkins 🎃.
 Now, I feel tired after this long day and will relax for a moment.

vendredi 29 septembre 2023

An Autumn weekend.

 Hello friends!

This weekend, we are going back to Ikea . We have a 40 euros voucher to spend in September and we decided to spend it on linen bed items.  Linen is so nice! Reminds me the linen sheets of my childhood!

We will have a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun in the morning and meet our daughter there. It will be both half way from our homes and have lunch together.

(Source: IKEA) 

This is the colour I am going to choose.
Today it is a cloudy day, but still warm for Autumn.
My husband will be on duty this Sunday from 8 till 20 so I will stay home and do some painting and some baking during the day…
Yesterday I went to the post office of our village and there was a young man giving computer advices to the people who needed help  in the room close to the post office. I went to see and I brought my I pad with me . I wanted to put a header on my blog and forgot how to do it. Now I know how to do it  and have to put the right size picture .The help is every two weeks , which is very useful, he goes from village to village and it is free. I think it is a very good idea!
Wishing you a good weekend .

jeudi 28 septembre 2023

Pumpkin sewing.

This morning, I took some fabric I had in stock and decided to sew little pumpkins 🎃 for Fall decoration.

 I have put some leds in my glass pumpkin 

Yesterday I baked an apple tart and added some crumble on top and cinnamon. It was delicious!

We have a sunny week and warm temperatures today
And I think I will go for a walk this afternoon!

mercredi 27 septembre 2023

Bright ideas for the cold days!

(Source: Country Living January 2011)

 This morning, I am reading some old “Country Living” magazines  before I start the day and do some ironing and store some of the Summer clothes.( keep one or two because the temperature is back to 25 C!

I found these pages about ideas and creations to do during the winter time.

First idea: Make your garden grow: design a dream scheme, create a Spring flower display ( we will)

Feed the birds( we do) 

Order your seeds( done)

Second idea: plan a craft project.

Pretty pin board.

Storage solution ( I will use some fabric I have in stock to make dust bags for my hand bags and some 👟)

Fabric pictures. ( already done)

Furniture makeover ( more to do this winter)

Patchwork throw. ( a good idea to use fabric)

Third idea:

Find a good book for a rainy day.

Fourth idea: 

Create your own artwork.

Picture frame, homemade cards …

Fifth idea: cook up a winter treat:

Preserve the season, make hot chocolate ( so good 😊)

Bake a loaf, cook a casserole.

And do some exercise , walk in wintry landscape! 

Little fabric frames

I have better go and work! See you later have a good day!

lundi 25 septembre 2023

This and that…

Yesterday, I went out shopping and got some led lights for my little houses. I don’t know if Maxime will come for Xmas as his mum will be expecting his little brother baby beginning of next year and won’t be allow to take the plane. These little houses will wait !

 (Source: ZZZOe)

This is apple time here in Normandy and time to bake crumbles and tarts! There is a good cinnamon smell in the house!

Early this morning the sun is here and there in the house.

Today, I will start painting the desk and bake apple pie 🥧 after having been to the post office  🏤.
I wish you a lovely day!

dimanche 24 septembre 2023

A beautiful sunny ☀️ morning!

 Beginning of a new week! The sun is there, but the temperature is low around 10 C. Autumn 🍂 is there and I am happy! No more high heat for us and for Nature which has suffered a lot.

Today, I will prepare  the desk I am going to paint and decorate with transfers this will be the work of the week, maybe two weeks.

Yesterday, I continued building and decorating my little houses 🏠 I have two left, ML cleaned the raspberries outside with Bandit playing outside.

Next weekend we are going to plant 150 bulbs essentially tulips, last year we planted 150 daffodils.

Bandit is tired of his weekend running and playing outside! Bandit and I we wish you a lovely Autumn week!

Craft houses 🏘️

 Yesterday, I went to “Action”  and found these DIY craft houses from the Netherlands.

Last night I began to make them for this coming Xmas.

It is early, but it will be done in advance and I have to find lights to go inside. I have still got some more to make !

Next week, I will start to work on the desk I am going to customise.

Today, it is 12 degrees C and the sun shines! 

samedi 23 septembre 2023

The Watering can.

 (Source: ZZZOe)

Today, we had lunch at the watering can!

The kitchen and shop are inside and we eat in a train wagon. All the food is homemade and we can eat outside as Covid is coming quickly back!
I put my mask 😷 on in the shops and when it is crowded, next week I will go back to get vaccinated.

Today, the  rain has stopped and we should have a nice weekend!

vendredi 22 septembre 2023

Rain drops 💦 on the windows.

This is the craft I am trying to do.
I did a lot crafts with my children and I forgot about what I have got in stock.
I hope it will dry quickly!

We are having heavy rain and I must put the light on in the house, it is so dark.

I am still in my bedroom and must do the cleaning. While we were on holidays spiders have been working 😆!
I came across a vintage hat I found years ago, it is a hat from the sixties from”Kathe and Lady” shop and the price is still in francs in 1962.
I remember the fashion in the 60’s and I loved it.

On another subject, last night I baked a cumin and carrot tart, I cooked again after having been to restaurants everyday during our holidays because the food was salty and even with the médecine I take my blood pressure is high , so everything I cook is without salt.
I am still upstairs and I can hear the noise of heavy rain on the roof windows!
I am going to go downstairs and will begin a new craft
After I have cleaned our bedroom. I hope I’ll succeed in doing it!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...