dimanche 26 mars 2023

Life in the countryside

As I told you Saturday, yesterday we went to a cattle exhibition called “ a Comice agricole”
Many beautiful farm animals there and fortunately it did not rain. Many people with young children taking pictures to send to the grandparents. I wish Maxime was there. I saw him on Skype yesterday and my son told me that they are going on holidays soon to Norway.

I love this little horse on the right when we go up north of France we can see them in the fields in the “baie de Somme”
It took place in front of the church in the middle of the village. 

I love the pink colour of the piglets! Aren’t they cute?


Donkeys from Normandy 
Baby goats

This one is curly and so beautiful pausing for me.

They all were young farmers and the children could take a ride on these big machines with their parents  there were also carrousels for the children.
Farmers were selling their products and I bought a kilo of honey ( real farm honey! )
We decided with Mr L to go back to spring and summer “ vide greniers” ( like  garage sales) but in the village streets around where we live. We used to go every Sundays and have lunch there with many people ( barbecue…) and we enjoyed this time very much!
Hope the weather won’t be too rainy but here we are used to take our ombrelles with us, no problem
😆. I wish you a good start of week, for my part it will be a crafting week.

2 commentaires:

  1. How nice it must have been to spend a Sunday afternoon here! Maxime would have enjoyed it. Good thing it didn't rain. I can see in the photos that the sun was shining.
    The sky is overcast here today and it was raining at night. Have a nice week. Éva

  2. I know you miss your son...yes, I believe he would have enjoyed the barnyard...I also would!
    Have a wonderful week!


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