jeudi 30 mars 2023

A warm day.

Good morning !

Yesterday was a strangely warm day. Heat from the Sahara came to us and we had 20 degrees C! But today we will have thunderstorm and then back to cold!
This weather is very strange…
I went to do a garden tour, to see what we will have to do this weekend if the weather is fine. We will have to clean the terrace, pick up all the branches broken by the    wind , I think that will be all we can do this weekend.
Today, I will have to get médecine for Bandit’s allergy to Spring grass! Yes animals can be allergic to Spring grass! I even had a donkey in the past allergic too.
So he will take his tablets during Spring time.
The flowers are starting their bloom even the little Violets, I love Violets.
We don’t have any more sheep 🐑 next door, no Spring birth this year. Bandit is often looking next door for the sheep to play with, but no more friends.

Today, I will cook and maybe make bread  after I went to the vet and this afternoon do some crafts, I must finish my big suitcase decorated with Chromos.

I wish you a good day !


7 commentaires:

  1. On Tuesday, it snowed 5-6 times and it was cold. The wind was also cold, I dressed warmly when I went out.
    The 20 degrees you have yesterday is real spring weather.
    You will have work in the garden at the weekend. I wish that everything can be done as you want.
    Can you make bref? I always knew you are a good housewife.
    We are going to Italy for a week on April 2nd. I hope the weather will be good.
    The flowers are very nice!:)

  2. The weather has indeed been strange here in Texas, as well!
    Love all the beautiful flowers...

  3. So good to see those flowers!
    We had another snow storm yesterday. It's cold today but tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer.
    I'm having allergy issues too, so taking meds like Bandit. :)

  4. What a lovely garden you have, full of spring flowers. It's warming up here, too, but not nearly 20 degrees. I've spent some time in the garden recently - there is a lot to do out there in the spring.
    I hope you explain what bref is - a new word to me!

  5. In my walk around the garden yesterday I found violets blooming too. I can't get down to pick or smell them. I'll have to ask Tom to pick a few for me. They remind me of my mother, whose name was Violet.

  6. I'm fond of Violets too but mine are just beginning to grow. Linda Reeder ( previous comment) lives about 50 miles south of me and already her violets are blooming. Weather affects everything.

  7. Hej Catherine, prachtige foto's van de tuin. Het is vreemd weer, de temperaturen gaan op en neer.


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