lundi 31 octobre 2022

A new week, a new month!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween 🎃 !
On Saturday I found a bed for the Maileg parents in the little shop, a wardrobe and a pram for the baby.

Little hangers inside the wardrobe.

The dining room is furnished. I need a carpet.
I had already the bride and bridegroom with the wedding cake. This room needs to be furnished.

This is Maxime disguised for Halloween 🎃 !
I am preparing Xmas and already found a Xmas tree 😆 

 I had the fridge and found the sink and cooker with pans and vegetables. We also found the blender which is on the sink.

Enjoy the new week!

samedi 29 octobre 2022

Saturday outing.

Today, Saturday we went to  a village called «  le Bec Helloin » an abbey is on the center of the village and there is a unique shop where the lady sells Maileg.
When we were there the bells rang 11.15.
The people in the park were mostly people from Paris on Autumn holidays. They come to Normandy to rest and enjoy Nature. 

This is the Abbey
Tourist from Paris also took pictures and said it was the typical post card from Nou!

A calf with his mother

The other part of the monastery 

The church is situated in ancient stables.
There is a resemblance between Nature outside and the inside of the church don’t you think so?

The little shop where I find my Maileg house and little mice.

Part of the village. We had a pancakes outside ( it was 20C) strange to eat outside end of October in Normandy !
And a lemon pie 🍋 
It was my first outing since three weeks, but I am still not well enough to go out long. It takes a long time to be back to normal after covid.
But it was nice to breathe even if I had a mask on my face.
( I found some new Maileg items for the house show you next week)

mercredi 26 octobre 2022

Taking my time and relax.

(Source: ZZZOe)
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(Source: Pinterest)

The morning is sunny, no storm or tornadoes expecting today!
While sitting and watching tv , i like to do some crochet. I found some cotton yarn at « Acrion » which is of a good price and use it to make blankets and cushions like in the good old days… they are vintage now!
I am slowly recovering ( slowly is a sign you are not so young! 😆) and having my cup of coffee with a Digestive biscuit 🍪 and my daily home made yogurt.
The cup and saucer are from « Greengate »
I don’t really know what I am going to do today, but I am sure I’ ll relax and maybe go out in the garden in the sun.
Thank you for visiting.

lundi 24 octobre 2022

Trick or a treat! 🎃 🎃 🎃 .

This is soon Halloween 🎃 and my daughter already carved her pumpkin !
She has got all the needed tools and she learned how to do it in Canada when she was 15 and studied in a  Vancouver island school during her stay.
She make quite an angry one!!!

 Yesterday was the first day I could go back to my kitchen and do some cooking and baking after three difficult weeks. One week so tired and then two weeks covid. I am glad I could go on holidays in September 
And did not catch it while I was in the Netherlands.
Last night I made cannelloni with spinach and mushrooms , I would not have thought to associate the two but it tasted good with mozzarella, garlic and tomato sauce.

Then I made some corn pancakes. It was a veggie supper !
I baked a pineapple yogurt cake.
I went through my cook books and magazines to find inspiration, I usually look on my phone for recipe, but books are useful to get inspiration when you are not looking for a precise recipe. 
At the same time I am clearing my cook books and various magazine I keep for long.

On Sunday, Maxime discovered the birds and fish at the aquarium. He looks very interested by this new discovery!

Back to childhood.

As I told you Friday, Mr L has re built the Maileg’s house this weekend. It is quite large and takes a big space.
I am still looking for some missing mice, the grandparents, the bride and bridegroom.
I don’t remember where they are???

This is the laundry ( I am expecting the iron and iron board)

The dining room

Some items are missing in the kitchen, but I will
Get the cooker soon. Cupboards are needed!
The baby and children ´si bedroom.

 The pram and three sisters being waiting for their room to be installed!

A lot to is left! Decorating the house and buy from time to time some new items to comment l’été the installation of the rooms.
It’s nice to be back to childhood we had a nice time to build the house!
Yesterday there have been some tornadoes close to where we live ( we are not used to this kind of météo events here)
Today we must still be vigilant.
I wish you a good week!

Painting day! 🎨

( source:ZZZOe)  This morning my roof window is all frosted, -5 C but we will have sun which is nice 😊 and do work inside! Some news from o...