mercredi 6 décembre 2023

Xmas Spirit.

Last year I had white amaryllis, but this time it is red( should have been white and pink…)

This morning I continue to sort out all the decoration pieces I have in order to sell and clear the house!
Two chandeliers with tassels I have painted long ago.
It must be hanged  to see it well.

I did not decorate my tree yet, but as it is a real one I lower the temperature and spray it with water and i can smell the forest 😆 
These are some decorations I started to install 

 Today, we are having a sunny and cold weather but a nice winter day!

This afternoon I have some cooking and baking to do . This morning I prepared the items I am going to bring to my shop tomorrow morning as I have sold again yesterday! We will see tonight!

mardi 5 décembre 2023

Something new.

Hello friends 
Between my shop and my journal crafts and the sorting out of cabinets I am busy!
Feeling much better for the moment I do as much as I can!

My husband ordered on Amazon some wax to do wax stamp on my crafts, I had the idea on Pinterest 

I had to heat the coloured wax and apply the stamp
Next time I will include lace or a ribbon

These are all the colours I got last night when my husband came home

 Today, I am still busy as I received a mail from the shop” vide grenier” ( empty your attic) last night.

I have sold 31 items and I had to go and fill my shelves again!

So I am busy sorting out all the cabinets of the house to get something to sell. I have one and. Half week to go…I am waiting for the everyday mail after the closing of the shop at 19h (7) I sell some decorations I don’t want anymore and some clothes and shoes, bags and some DIY I made myself and they are selling well.

Next year I will create items and rent the shop a few weeks to sell them. So I can create things and not keep them and got little money.

At the moment I have sold 31 items!

Have a good day.

dimanche 3 décembre 2023

A vintage doll.

This week I saw this doll in one of the shops and this doll reminded my of a kind of dolls I saw in the 80’s

But can’t remember the name of the brand. Do you know the name of that doll brand???

 I had to go back to my shop this morning.

I received a mail last night informing me that I had sold an item and as the shops are opened on December Sundays I got up early cleaned and packed more items and went to the place.

Then we went to Saint Nicolas Xmas market to the water mill close to where we live. I forgot to take pictures of the Mill… we bought home made Xmas jam, ginger bread, bread made with the mill flour and cupcakes!

Here it is winter quite cold and expecting a little snow ⛄️. This weekend the shop will be crowded and I will see tonight when I receive the mail if I have sold anything ??and go down to the shop tomorrow morning…

Have a nice Sunday.

I found the same doll « A Sarah Kay » dolll!

Exactly the same one on the net!

My husband reminded me the name I was looking for.

vendredi 1 décembre 2023

Christmas spirit .

This morning , early morning as there are three hours difference with Dubai, my son has sent me a picture of the Dubai Mall Xmas tree.
We are both fans of Xmas decorations and Xmas spirit!
These pictures are from our nearby garden Center.

 Enjoy your Xmas decorating!

( I had a mail from my shop I have sold again and must put some new items to sell!)
We are having snow ⛄️ !

December the 1rst!

Hello Friends !
This morning I lighted the first advent candle!
Happy December and advent to you!

I also opened my craft advent calendar from “Daphne’s diary” from the Netherlands.
In the first little drawer there are cute little labels to place the people round the table, but I will use them next year my son won’t be able to come , my DIL being expecting her second son and will not be able to fly and my son in law will have a surgery on December the 22 dn and will not be able to move. 

The amaryllis was supposed to be white and pink???
Yesterday I received a parcel from Mari in the USA
🇺🇸 and I was really happy with her gifts and Xmas cards it it so nice of her! From “My little corner of the world 🌎 “ thank you so much Mari ,Bob,Ruby and Alaina for the beautiful Xmas cards!
I also received miniatures for my mice house!
As soon as I unwrapped the scrapbooking items I started to think about what I could do?

And I did this in the afternoon!
This is very relaxing!
 Today, we are December the 1rst the advent time is beginning. I did not finish my Xmas decorations yet, but I think I ´ll work on it this weekend. Maybe buy the Xmas tree.

I wish you all a nice advent and a nice December!

jeudi 30 novembre 2023

Maileg house at Xmas.

 The past week, I did the Maileg house dusting and today I finished the Xmas decoration.

Last year I have knitted them red and white scarves for Xmas 🎄 
Today, I won’t do much my right knee being blocked 
But I will continue my journals.
Yesterday I prepared the meals for a few days so I can rest my knee and take pain killers!
Have a good day.

mercredi 29 novembre 2023

Baking day.

 Today, I decided to bake , a chard pie with  nutmeg ,eggs ,cream and grated cheese.

Then it was a long time I baked fruit cake , which is waiting to go in the oven and before I baked and apple pie with cinnamon. I also made butternut soup with onion for tonight.When I use the oven I bake two or three dishes when the oven is hot.

I had a busy morning and now I am resting and watching tv.

Now I have sold 15 items in my shop, but don’t know if I will have enough for the two coming weeks.

Hope you enjoyed your day!

mardi 28 novembre 2023

This and that…

I started a small journal and this is what I do while watching TV in the evening.

This year, the amaryllis will be red and white.
Between two showers a little bit of sun!
Last year in Summer I bought this teapot 🫖 from a closing shop for Maxime.
I find it very cute.

 This morning I had an appointment to do my nails

💅 I like to have my nails done at the little beauty saloon  in the village next to mine, we chat and this is a moment of relaxation, as the next client did not come I had a facial care and massage to relax more!

Then the place where I have my little corner space called me a lady wanted two of my items and one price label was gone, but after asking me to reduce the price she bought the two. I already have sold 11 items in three days. So I went back home, took some more things to sell and went back to my shop.

I am really surprised because everything is in order people take good care of my display , Maybe it is because I decorated it?

Well, I am very happy 😃 to see that some people are still behaving “normally” nowadays!

It was late and I phoned my husband and we met in our little restaurant to have lunch together.

Then I went to the post to send two parcels 📦 one of them is for Maxime’s Christmas 🎄 .

Now, I will have a rest and will work on my “ art journal”.

Have a good day!

Xmas Spirit.

Last year I had white amaryllis, but this time it is red( should have been white and pink…) This morning I continue to sort out all the deco...