mardi 7 mars 2023

Blueberry and caramel chocolate muffins.

Let me show you my favourite cake stand. Birds and flowers

And today I baked blueberry        Muffins with caramel chocolate  topping. The caramel chocolate I bought on Sunday with the rose syrup.
This is the result.
I have not tasted them yet.

Caramel chocolate.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love the tiered cake stand, and the muffins look sinfully good.

  2. The tiered stand is just lovely with its pink tones plus flowers and birds. The muffins also look delicious with the caramel topping.

  3. the tiered cake stand/china is gorgeous!! and you have not eaten a muffin yet?? what are you waiting for they look amazing!!!

  4. It looks very delicious. I like the cake stand too. You have such nice china. A good housewife deserves them. :)


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