mardi 11 juin 2024

Busy, busy, busy…

Hello Friends,

Just a quick hello in a busy day.
Cleaning 🧽 and preparing baby items before our outing, only one weekend left before we go and then the grandchildren will arrive!

Our daughter and SIL arrived at Amsterdam today!
A « clafoutis » for a break!
Chair is ready
A downstairs cradle is ready
Downstairs changing place
The little chair is clean and ready. Now I must prepare the baby bed upstairs, baby bath in the upstairs bathroom, changing place and clean Maxime’s bath 🛁 then prepare the grocery and cook, put some dishes in the freezer and bake some cookies !
Here are the news!
See you soon with some pictures from our outing.

jeudi 6 juin 2024

Busy days and Happy days!

 Hello Friends !

This morning the sun shines! We will have a nice weekend and we will be able to do a barbecue.

We have a lot of work to catch up  in the garden and we’ll be busy before our vacations.

The children are arriving soon and I will have to plan cooking and outings for their holidays here.

Our vacations will be before their arrival.

Last night I received a message from our son who is in Egypt for his work. He has sent me pictures that make me think of Hercule Poirot’s Agathe Christie!

His hôtel 

Tomorrow our daughter and SIL are leaving for the Netherlands. They are going by car to the north of France, leave their car and go by bike to Amsterdam !
 So we are a busy family for the moment !

I will come sometimes on my blog until august as I must welcome our grandchildren, especially Maxime 
Who I first met when he was 5 months old and now nearly 2 and a half and I am so impatient to hold them in my arms!
William is a nice baby of  5 months in July and he will need our attention too.
So, I am going to take a break and try to visit your blogs during the Summer.

See you soon and take good care!

mercredi 5 juin 2024

Memorial Day June 6th.

 Tomorrow June 6th is our Memorial Day here in Normandy. 20000 Normands lost their lives on these days at the same time of soldiers from different countries.

Tomorrow will be the 80 th Anniversary and many officials will be coming .President  Macron, President Biden, King Charles  3 rd, Chancellor Olaf Scholz….This year they will be a lot of them coming to Normandy. Also more than 200 veterans have been invited from different countries They are quite old now some are more than a 100 years old.

This year I will be watching on TV it will start at 6 am.

And the most important is that:

« They will be honored and remembered. »

mardi 4 juin 2024

My new finds.

 Hello Friends,

Thank you for your help. I am thinking about how I would like to be called by my grandsons, the other grandma from Moldova is called « Buni » from Bunica which means grandma I may choose Granny or Nana ?i have less than three weeks to make a decision !

Yesterday I did the laundry and some tidying while Bandit was not there.

Today, I must do my grocery shopping and go to the kennel to take him home. He goes in a hotel room and I hope he did not make any destructions because there has been some problems with some dogs and they decided that we have to pay. I have an insurance but I think he will not go to the hotel any more but a heated kennel not to have  any problems !

While on weekend we had time to look at the shops and we both found some new summer clothes … if summer arrives! I love to wear linen garments and I found a dress and light jacket, (we are the first flax producers ) .I also found what here we call a banana bag ( it was fashionable in the 90’s !) easier to wear when I have to use my stick.

I found a nice pop up book for Maxime ( his father took an aquarium pass for the year because Maxim wants to go and see the fish every weekend !)

I found a whale soft toy for William, a T-shirt for my son and Max.

Pop up book

Maxime’s T-shirt 
Ours son asked for a T-shirt of the Memorial Day.
He loves anything from Normandy after 15 years in Dubaï he feels sometimes home sick!

Enjoy your day!

lundi 3 juin 2024

Any ideas ?

 Hello friends !

During our outing our son has sent us Maxime’s end of year nursery report with some pictures taken there.

When playing roles Maxime likes to be a doctor ( like grandpa but grandpa I reassure you put the stethoscope in his ears! 😂!) or he wears the pilot costume and is the pilot of the plane with his friends being the passengers.

He has friends and his kind to others. He sorts out the place after he has played and put the toys away cleans the place and many other compliments. 

I have a question for you. My grandson speaks English

And I was wondering how your grandchildren called you? Grandma, but maybe different names ?

I am waiting for your ideas!

dimanche 2 juin 2024

An instructive outing

Early in the morning we visited an old nuclear submarine called » le redoutable »
I already visited the submarine, but my husband didn’t 
So I went with him, but I forgot I was older… and believe me it was so difficult with a stick to go up and down the submarine stairs!

We visited the aquarium and the ocean’s life
A big cruise boat was in Cherbourg harbour coming from the USA and a lot of cruse passengers in the museum. We already went on cruises and it was very inviting …to go on board!

This is the harbour station where the Titanic had a stop in April 1912 before the ship wreck happened on April 14th.
All the big cruise boats came to this harbour station before crossing the Ocean. Many migrants going to the USA.
Here was the ship
Life on the boat
First class cabin

Some of the collected things from the boat

What it was like.

We had a nice weekend a very instructive one.

On our way home we crossed many jeeps, trucks from the secondWW  and men wearing soldiers costumes ready for the 6th of June commemorations.
Many roads were already closed ready for the officials arrival from different countries.

We had very nice weather and enjoyed our outing this is what we needed both, a break!
We are going back to continue our trip in a few weeks
And hope the weather will be fine again!
I wish you a lovely week.

samedi 1 juin 2024

A lighthouse.

My favourite light house

Fields with stone walls
A small harbour
This is on top of the cliff the place we will go end of June. ( the little house)
When I was” younger” I would climb up the cliff with my son ( twenty years ago) go up to the little restaurant on the previous picture.

Les parapluies de Cherbourg manufacture.
Do you know the film? Les parapluies de Cherbourg.
They are making very strong expensive umbrellas.

Maybe you are wondering why I took this picture?
We are June 1rst and the D-Day commemorations are beginning! Tonight there will be fireworks all along the coast for the 80th anniversary so all the jeeps and vehicles from the Second World War are on the roads to the beaches!
I found a mug for my son 
Our hotel  we are on top with a balcony

The theatre 

 And market day!

Busy, busy, busy…

Hello Friends, Just a quick hello in a busy day. Cleaning 🧽 and preparing baby items before our outing, only one weekend left before we go ...