dimanche 24 septembre 2023

A beautiful sunny ☀️ morning!

 Beginning of a new week! The sun is there, but the temperature is low around 10 C. Autumn 🍂 is there and I am happy! No more high heat for us and for Nature which has suffered a lot.

Today, I will prepare  the desk I am going to paint and decorate with transfers this will be the work of the week, maybe two weeks.

Yesterday, I continued building and decorating my little houses 🏠 I have two left, ML cleaned the raspberries outside with Bandit playing outside.

Next weekend we are going to plant 150 bulbs essentially tulips, last year we planted 150 daffodils.

Bandit is tired of his weekend running and playing outside! Bandit and I we wish you a lovely Autumn week!

Craft houses 🏘️

 Yesterday, I went to “Action”  and found these DIY craft houses from the Netherlands.

Last night I began to make them for this coming Xmas.

It is early, but it will be done in advance and I have to find lights to go inside. I have still got some more to make !

Next week, I will start to work on the desk I am going to customise.

Today, it is 12 degrees C and the sun shines! 

samedi 23 septembre 2023

The Watering can.

 (Source: ZZZOe)

Today, we had lunch at the watering can!

The kitchen and shop are inside and we eat in a train wagon. All the food is homemade and we can eat outside as Covid is coming quickly back!
I put my mask 😷 on in the shops and when it is crowded, next week I will go back to get vaccinated.

Today, the  rain has stopped and we should have a nice weekend!

vendredi 22 septembre 2023

Rain drops 💦 on the windows.

This is the craft I am trying to do.
I did a lot crafts with my children and I forgot about what I have got in stock.
I hope it will dry quickly!

We are having heavy rain and I must put the light on in the house, it is so dark.

I am still in my bedroom and must do the cleaning. While we were on holidays spiders have been working 😆!
I came across a vintage hat I found years ago, it is a hat from the sixties from”Kathe and Lady” shop and the price is still in francs in 1962.
I remember the fashion in the 60’s and I loved it.

On another subject, last night I baked a cumin and carrot tart, I cooked again after having been to restaurants everyday during our holidays because the food was salty and even with the médecine I take my blood pressure is high , so everything I cook is without salt.
I am still upstairs and I can hear the noise of heavy rain on the roof windows!
I am going to go downstairs and will begin a new craft
After I have cleaned our bedroom. I hope I’ll succeed in doing it!

jeudi 21 septembre 2023

New project.

Today I am cooking butternut, I will put Roscoff onions  🧅 and cheese inside and roast it.

This is the desk I am going to paint
Only part of it in greenish grey and add some of the transfer I am going to cut. It’s all about Nature.

I will add other transfert on the other part of the desk

 Hello Friends,

Today, we are having a kind of deluge! Very heavy rain and wind, so it is not inviting to go out…

I have many projects in mind and I will begin to plan them for the rainy days of Fall and winter.

One I decided to begin soon is to pain and decorate the desk we have upstairs. I have rather decorate some pieces of furniture than do some crafts, one day we will move and take the furniture with us, the crafts after some time go to the thrift store…

This is the other part I will paint and decorate. I must order the transfer on the net and then prepare everything before starting.

Here is my first project for the cold rainy days!

mercredi 20 septembre 2023

Baking day

Today, I baked an apple and plum tart for tonight.
The weather being an Autumnal weather it will be good 
To have it for supper.

What did I do this afternoon? Watch King Charles arrival in Paris on tv, crocheting while watching.

This is what I found during our holidays, a big hand made scarf and hand made colourful jewellery  to go on my plain dresses.

 Have a nice evening or morning !

mardi 19 septembre 2023

Kennel day!

( source: internet)

Today, I did my one hour drive to get Bandit to the kennel. He was SO pleased to see me back! I is doing like the dogs on the picture hide under his blanket!

He likes to be confortable!!!

He went to make atour of  his garden to see if other animals came during his stay at the kennel.

He was very quiet as usual on the drive back home

 Now he can have a rest with his mum!

I talked to the girl at the kennel and they have many dogs owners that never come back to get their dog so there are abandoned. With the economical crisis many people can’t afford to feed and go to the vet with their dog , having difficulties to pay their bills.

The kennel look for new families for them.

They are usually big dogs, but if they get a small female one they will phone me as Bandit feels lonely I may adopt one.

The dogs and cats rescues are full of abandoned animals, so sad!

It’s good to be home 🏠!

A beautiful sunny ☀️ morning!

 Beginning of a new week! The sun is there, but the temperature is low around 10 C. Autumn 🍂 is there and I am happy! No more high heat for...