dimanche 4 juin 2023

Working outside

6 flowers on my Xmas Amaryllis 
Today, the weather being fine, we decided to stay home.

One is trimming the edge and the other has been cleaning the windows and painting.

We have many things to catch up!

I did the barbecue and cooked home made hamburgers 

With french fries.

I have cut some Pierre de Ronsard
Finally the peonies are starting to boom
This rose bush has a changing colours between light orange and cream.

The weather will continue to be fine and I will be able to work outside. Today, 23 degrees in the shade.

samedi 3 juin 2023

Sunny weekend 🌞 !

More and more Roses! The garden is full of roses, my favourite flower. David Austin’s roses.

Apple cake with maple syrup soon going in the oven!

A grape and cheese 🧀 pie for lunch with a salad.
More and more flowers everyday.

Foxgloves planted by the birds

Waiting for the blooming of this peony, I bought it last year and had only one flower, but beautiful flower!

Mr L is not working this morning  and working in the garden, yesterday I did the second coat on the shed and this afternoon we are going to visit a new kennel !

( to answer Linda and Granny Marigold I did the painting, but this time not the drawing)
I wish you a sunny weekend !

vendredi 2 juin 2023

June 6th D-day anniversary in Normandy.

This is on Omaha beach. This statue is commemorating
The D-Day on our beach in Normandy.
( these pictures are from the net , I can’t find mine)
I have been there many times on that day, with our children.
We went many time to the cemeteries and the museums.

( from the net)
This is “Sainte Mere Église”
You have the parade and many US Army parachutes 🪂 jumps in a field close to the village.
When going  from the town of Caen  many historical vehicles on the motorway going to the place.

 Soon it will be June the 6th, our veteran day here in Normandy. Jake Larson 100 years old has arrived in France for our commemorative day. One of the last veterans, I saw him on TV today.
All the veterans that are still alive already arrived in Normandy. Next year it will be the 80 th anniversary and Mr Larson said he will be there!

jeudi 1 juin 2023

Hello June!

(Source: ZZZOe)

Hello June!

The weather is fine and today I will continue my shed painting.

This morning my Xmas Amaryllis is starting to bloom, I already have two flowers, but four more flowers are soon opening itself. I don’t have a green thumb ( here we say a green hand) I am surprised to be successful !


My dessert for lunch ! My crumble with a little very low fat cream in my « Bol » from the Netherlands.

The weather is fine, but with the sheep 🐑 close to our house, we have lots of flies!

I use this to repel the flies! But it does not work all the time it would be better to put mosquito nets on some our windows as we also have mosquitoes 🦟 especially «  tiger mosquitoes »!

I wish you a nice month of June! Hope you are having nice weather.
I was waiting for a technician to come and I did this while waiting. This afternoon it is very hot and I will wait to paint the shed outside, that the sun ☀️ is not so hot. 

mercredi 31 mai 2023

A lazy day!

Today, is a beautiful sunny day. I am sitting outside in my confortable recliner surrounded by roses. Bandit is hunting moles!

This rose bushes is starting to bloom and will be covered by hundreds of small roses in a few days.

They are all at school or at work and there are only the birds songs and the wind 💨 so it is not too hot.

« Othello roses David Austin »
Pierre de Ronsard 

Foxgloves are starting to bloom.
Bees are arriving  attracted by the basswood flowers and the rose bushes.

(Sources: ZZZOe)
I should work! I did the first coat of paint, but yesterday I was tired and not feeling well, so today, I did the house work and I will make an apple and rhubarb crumble , while the washing machine is working for me 😆 
I have cut some rhubarb from the garden and I already had one kilogram and made a rhubarb pie.

Then I must catch up with your blogs!
See you soon!

dimanche 28 mai 2023

A sunny weekend .

On Saturday afternoon, I did not want to work on the shed. We went to do some shopping at the hardware store, we have a problem with the gaz outside the house. We live in the country and we have big gaz bottles outside at the back of the house  and  there is a leak, I could smell  it , so on Tuesday I must call the plumber who is also our heating installer.
We went to buy another gaz bottle, they will deliver it on Saturday, but we will use the barbecue for the moment, oven and microwave.
Then I did not want to go back home and we drove to the Abbey, “ Le Bec Hellouin”
We went to listen at the monks and  sisters singing hymns. That was  a very beautiful moment of prayers.
Then we went to the shop where  I buy my Mailed mice and found this frog garden decoration.
After we had a farm ice cream , I had rhubarb and lemon
Speaking of rhubarb, I have cut mine in the garden and will use it tomorrow for a dessert.

Roses and typical Normand house

 I wish you a sunny weekend !

Working outside

6 flowers on my Xmas Amaryllis  Today, the weather being fine, we decided to stay home. One is trimming the edge and the other has been clea...