mercredi 8 février 2023

Painting day! 🎨

( source:ZZZOe)

 This morning my roof window is all frosted, -5 C but we will have sun which is nice 😊 and do work inside!
Some news from our village, very bad news…

On Sunday, Mr L went to the village bakery to get bread and croissants 🥐, but there was a placard on the door telling people that the shop was closed because of an agression. In fact we just have a new baker since Autumn and on Saturday evening some young people(18) three of them coming from 40 km were looking for someone to hit. They saw some light in the house, it was midnight knocked on the door, the baker opened and rushed in and hit him. He is injured broken nose…they have been arrested by the police, but we don’t feel very secure in the village at the moment.

This is sad 😔 

The women from the coffee shop ( cafe) was the victim of an agression last year too. This is a 1500 inhabitants village I wonder how all this will end! 

Painting day.

Our frosted field behind the house.

Frosted front garden

Today, I am going to do some painting. My kitchen cabinets need to be refreshed and I got some painting left. I will begin by one door today, because there are a lot to do and the time I have plenty of time to do it.

Have a good day !

mardi 7 février 2023

Spring cleaning 🧹 lol 😆

This will be a beautiful cold week!

The sun is already shining.

I found this photo in my father’s belongings. This is a view of the cruise boat « France » a long time ago.

In his youth my father had worked on a cruise boat ⛴️ 

He was working wood and did the inside of the cabins of a cruise boat if I remember he was working in Brittany in Brest on the « Antilles » ( name of the boat)

He was working with precious woods like Mahogany…
It was a very luxurious boat and he worked for one year or two on it.

( from internet Wikipedia)

This is today’s view from our bedroom window
My son’s hobby when he was at home

 Keeping my magazines tidy. Yesterday I had a look at my cook books and decided to give some, Mr L has taken them to put in the book box in town where people  can take the book they want. It is close to his office.

I will continue to donate books. spring cleaning! 😝 
This morning  I cut the boiler, opened the windows and cleaned all of them, Spring cleaning has begun!

lundi 6 février 2023

Like a Monday.

 Today, is the first day of a frosty week. We are back to winter again. 

On Saturday, we had the visit of our daughter and husband and we had a «  crêpe » ( pan cake) meal for Candlemas. Crepes with ham, egg and cheese. On Saturday and Sunday I had Maxime on Skype. They have had a nice time on Seychelles islands and they are now back to Dubai.

My daughter took my mother’s Tv and family pictures I brought back from her flat.

Mr L helped me to store Xmas decorations and things we wanted to put away.

We will have a cold, but sunny ☀️ week.

Yesterday, I noticed the daffodils pointing out and the weeping willows leaves already coming out.

This morning, I ordered my last taxi drive ro the clinic in Rouen for my eye surgery. Many taxi drives! Three before, then surgery ( Mr L is coming) and two post surgery. 

Morning ☕️ coffee with macaroons and I found my Polaroid camera ( it was one of my children’s present)

The weather being sunny I will use it this afternoon.

Enjoy your Monday!( sunny but cold)

samedi 4 février 2023

Spring mantel and Laura Ashley wedding dress.

New Spring mantel decoration. Two days ago I decided to renew my winter decoration, as we live in the country I chose a farm topic.

With Spring comes Easter eggs 🥚 and rabbits 🐇 

 Mari  asked me a photo of my wedding dress as we both had a Laura Ashley dress. So here we are some years ago! 😆 

jeudi 2 février 2023

Agapanthus garden.

A few years ago, we went back to visit this romantic garden. We love to wander through it’s small path, sit on a bench, listen to the running water from the fountains and enjoy all the vegetation. I hope you enjoy the visit while waiting for Spring to come!
Today I am going to make pancakes for Candlemass.



Candlemas is on February 2nd . We make pancakes which represent the sun and the coming Spring.
(Source: ZZZOe)

Painting day! 🎨

( source:ZZZOe)  This morning my roof window is all frosted, -5 C but we will have sun which is nice 😊 and do work inside! Some news from o...