mardi 9 mars 2021

Spring in the garden.

 Hello friend,

Today,is cold but sunny and I did a little tour of the garden.

Sunday, we have put some more food for the birds. The blue tits are fond of fruits, last week I gave them an apple and they ate it all, this week they have a pear and they really love it! 

We also bought a new manger and a nest for the robin. I notice that our robin has a fiancée.

We already have a nest for the blue tits and had babies last year.

In the field next door, we have two new born lambs.

The peonies and the day lilies are sprouting , Spring is coming!

I have bought some pansies and made some chicks and rabbit biscuits. Bandit, loves them very much!

This afternoon, the robot we call « Nono » is coming back from wintering and will start mowing the lawn this afternoon. We struggle with the mole when the robot don’t work, but now they’ll go in the field next door. The birds are building their nest and use the wool the sheep’s  are loosing, clever isn’t it?

I wish you a nice Spring day.

lundi 8 mars 2021

Happy Birthday and Happy woman’s day.


Hello friends,
Today, is my son’s 33 th Birthday and I only saw him once in two years, because of the sanitary conditions.
He came to get married in France between two lockdowns and  we did not know until the last minute if he could come. I wish I could be with him today and go back to Dubai as soon as my health allows me to go.
As you can see, he his born on «  woman’s day » and i think for all women a child is the gift of her life.
I wish my son Romain a very Happy Birthday!

vendredi 5 mars 2021

Which key opens the door?

 Hello friends,

A few year ago I found these old keys and instead of keeping them in a drawer, I did this...

My today’s exercise... walking to the dentist...don’t like the dentist!

Have a nice day!found on my way back from the dentist!walking along the road.

I wish you a nice weekend.

jeudi 4 mars 2021

Old school map and vintage dresses.

 Hello friends,

Today, the nurse came for my blood test this morning to control my thyroid, as I was very tired, freezing cold...I had to take more levothyrox and I start feeling better this morning. Maybe some of you have the same problem «  Hashimoto »?

Well, this will be fixed in a few days and I will be fit again.

On a street vintage market a few years ago, I found this vintage school map.

I remember, we had these school maps hanged on the blackboard to have our géographie lessons.

In the class we had quite a lot of them, to learn the countries, rivers’ industries...

I also found my « leçon de choses » book... so strange, so vintage to me now! 

I will be 65 next month and that book brings me back to ages!

Look at the pictures and the subjects. For example, the bee, you had to name the three parts of the bee’s body....

The pink and blue paper were our note books covers.

What we had to learn: the fly is a dirty insect and dangerous.

Don’t let it go on food and keep your kitchen clean!

Do you still have some old school books?

I wanted to share these vintage pictures which are on my other blog.

mercredi 3 mars 2021


 Hello friends,

Yesterday, when walking to the post office, to post the giveaway, I found this little flower on the road side in the middle of stones. I love it’s beautiful color, but when I came home it closed and reopen this morning. I think, looking at the leaves, it’s a kind of wind flower? The little vase comes from Nikko in Japan, a famous place for pottery in the mountains.

The word »Dream » I made it during the first lockdown, I found the inspiration from Pinterest. This is a word we need at the moment, dream of better days, dream of family hugs, dream of holidays....

Sorry,I have again problems to leave comments on blogs!

I wish you a nice day and will be back soon.

mardi 2 mars 2021

My favorite....

 Hello friends,
This morning we still have frost, but sunny.
If I remember when I bought this chair it was in a shop with pieces of furniture coming from theUSA.
I had this chair for a long time and I love it. I made a burlap coffee bag cushion, which I think is matching with the chair.

I love it , because it is hand day, I took a lesson to do patchwork and if I remember it’s a Pineapple pattern? My children remember, I was always nervous , do and un do until it was right.
I think to begin, it is a difficult pattern.
I am admiring the work you are doing on your blogs, it is so nicely done!
I wish you a good day.

Spring in the garden.

 Hello friend, Today,is cold but sunny and I did a little tour of the garden. Sunday, we have put some more food for the birds. The blue tit...