lundi 18 octobre 2021

A difficult weekend.

 Hello Friends,

It has been a busy weekend!

On Saturday we went out shopping and went out to have lunch, but I had rather stay at home, as I first wanted. I was scared something happen with the new boiler…I forgot about it and had a nice day out.

When we came back home the boiler had no more water in the it and afterwards I saw a lot of water in the living room! The carpets were full of water. One of the radiators exploded and the water of 12 radiators arrived in the living room. I had to call them in urgency.

Old houses have sometimes bad surprises! 

So we have spend the Sunday drying the carpets.

Today, they are coming back to install the fibre, as they were not successful last time. I am scared they make holes in the walls and I don’t want to have to clean the house again! Keep my fingers crossed!

Something more interesting and beautiful…

This is the view from the Hotel.

vendredi 15 octobre 2021

A trip to Venice.

 Hello Friends,

The heat has come back in the house!

I am glad it’s over. The new boiler is silent and more respectful of the environment, which is also a good thing.

Now I have time before the changing of doors and windows , it will be the week before Christmas!

Today, I am travelling without leaving my home…my son has sent me some pictures from his stay in Venice.

The famous « Cafe Florian » I hope they will take pictures of the inside which is so beautiful !

I am glad, they are having a beautiful weather and blue sky for the pictures. They are staying in the same hotel we had been staying a long time ago , the hotel Concordia right on la place Saint Marc, which is very convenient to visit the town.

I ´il relax this weekend after two days of intense rush!

I wish you a good weekend.

Finds in my cupboard

 Hello Friends,

Still upstairs in my bedroom , freezing while they work!

I should have heating by mid day.

I am still looking at some old magazines and found this picture, that reminded me I had one of these. I found it on a brocante in the north of France.

And I also found this tea pot and it reminded me that I had approximately the same.

(Source: Victoria Classics)

I am going to continue my magazine reading while waiting. Thank you for all your comments about Xmas lunch!

Have good day!

jeudi 14 octobre 2021


 Hello Friends,

I have spent the morning upstairs looking at some old “ Country Living”, it is becoming cold without any heating. 

The old boiler is outside and they have taken the new one inside which was very heavy!

As I was looking at the magazines I was wondering what kind of food you had for Christmas in your countries?

Here we have roast turkey with chestnuts stuffing,

But I do the Crabtree & Evelyn recipe of Fruit and nut stuffing. It has prunes , dried apricots, Sherry, walnuts,almonds,celery, apple, pear, kumquat,, parsley, orange zest, sage, thyme, cinnamon, mace , coriander… butter, whole meal bread, salt and pepper!

I prepare it in advance and put it to freeze!

I also like goose with this stuffing.

As a starter we have “ foie gras” duck or goose one.

Salmon with toasts.

And at the end “ une Bûche de Noël”

Xmas log , but now we prefer some other dessert

It depends on the nice recipe I find.

( source Crabtree & Evelyn” book “ Cookbook”)

I think I am going to continue my reading while they are very busy working!

New boiler ! It will be white and grey at the front.

They have worked well with music and singing but  very professional!

I prepared them coffee and biscuit as they don’t take time to eat.

I am baking a lemon cake for them tomorrow.

Tomorrow one of them is going on the roof to work on the chimney.

I am impatient to have heating and hot water!

mercredi 13 octobre 2021

Some busy days.

 This morning we had fog and tomorrow morning the first frost! Already.

Today, was a busy day, preparing everything for tomorrow. The workers are arriving at 8 O’ clock.

So we have to get up early if we want a hot shower!

I have protected the machines and we have painted in black under the boiler.

I have prepared everything for them to work.

I ended the painting on the first part of the furniture.

Tonight I have cooked a “ pork filet mignon” with mustard, cheddar and puff pastry.

Some potatoes and made some yogurt.

And yesterday lamb with cider and apples.

mardi 12 octobre 2021

Making new with old!

Hello Friends,

I am working on the laundry furniture, making new with old! I still have the second one to do.

 I have changed the handles after painting.

I am glad I did not have to buy new ones.

Today, I am going to prepare for Thursday and Friday, days of work, changing the boiler.

Do some shopping  until Saturday and tidy.

Have a good day!

dimanche 10 octobre 2021

Between you and me!

(These are pictures from a frame in my bedroom. These ones my daughter took them)

Hello Friends!
Yesterday, was the second ultrasound of the baby,

We don’t know yet if it is a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl…

But  she or he is in good health at the moment.

She or he is going to Venice at the end of the week with 

My son and his wife.

How lucky they are! I have stayed in Venice myself for a week and it was a marvellous time!
 I have asked my son to send me some pictures from their trip.

This week will be a stressful busy week, especially on Thursday and Friday when they are coming to change the boiler.

These first days of the week will be used to prepare everything for their work, so I will be busy. See you soon!

I wish you a nice week!

I just remembered  I had a photo of Venice on the bookshelf. It was a long time ago!

I am doing the first coat of  Ice blue.

A difficult weekend.

 Hello Friends, It has been a busy weekend! On Saturday we went out shopping and went out to have lunch, but I had rather stay at home, as I...