dimanche 26 mars 2023

Crochet «  trompe l’œil”

A garden for the Maileg mice in project !
 Yesterday, we took Bandit to the vet , took him home and went to a little town we usually go on weekends, but with the price of petrol nowadays and having been I’ll with flu and covid we did not go there since December. Well! A lot of shops closed due to the economical situation and the only craft shop around here is going to close down. It s so sad. I bought some things I will need and try to go back before it closes down.

At the same time we went to the patisserie that won a contest of

“The best baker of France” he has been selected in the department last week. I am following on tv every evening. I tried the cake that got 9 points / 10 , it is a small tart with sanded paste , riz au lait( rice cooked in milk) on top a piece of apple roasted in caramel like a Tatum tart. It was good but very small and it costed nearly 5 euros! 

I have tasted… but once!

Then I found some clothes to send to Maxime. 

Mr L went to the bookshop to get some books.

We did not have rain and came back home.

Today, I would like to go to a cattle 🐄 market which takes place once a year, but it is raining a lot and there is a strong wind I don’t know if we will be able to go ?

Yesterday when we came back home I tried to do a “Trompe l’œil “ crochet 🧶 and here it is a blueberry tart.
New little suitcase project  for the Maileg mice.

Hope you have a good Sunday!

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh how Fun!! I love them both!! Your hand work is Beautiful!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. It's good that you tasted the cake that received many points. I also like to try delicious and beautiful cakes.
    I hope you can go to the cattle market. I've been in a place like that before. It was autumn and a foggy day, but I felt good.
    I've already had lunch, I'll be home in the afternoon, rain is expected in the evening. Éva

  3. I think your cakes would match up to the prizewinning one!
    Your blueberry tart is the cutest!

  4. That's a cute little tart. We lost too many shops and businesses due to the pandemic and it is sad, for us who like to shp and especially for the business owners.

  5. The very expensive little tart sounds delicious. Nice that you got to try it. The garden for the Maileg mice is so sweet as is the crocheted blueberry tart.


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