lundi 20 mars 2023

What about a tiny house?

Do you remember our holidays in the Netherlands and our first stay in a tiny house?
Well, for Xmas our son made a reservation in a tiny house for us . We decided not to waste our time on the road and decided to stay in Normandy on the coast near Deauville. 

This is the tiny house we will be staying for three days.
It is in the middle of a field surrounded by horses.
The farmer will provide our breakfast composed of local ingredients. The tiny house is self sufficient in electricity and water.

This will be our bedroom
And this will be our new tiny house For a few days. Nice to go to the sea and stroll  đŸš¶ in the towns of Trouville and Deauville. Trouville was the place I use to go on holidays when I was little. I will go to the market on Sunday morning ( it is a rather big market) with local products. ( source: Parcel tiny house)
( source carte Michelin)
It’s only 88 km from home.

Happy Spring 😊 

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh! Have Fun!! Looks wonderful...

  2. That looks wonderful! Very relaxing with beautiful views.

  3. I like looking at various tiny houses on Pinterest. Most are so cute. Staying in one must be such fun.

  4. Those places on the map are familiar to me from our River Seine cruise. Enjoy your stay.


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