mardi 28 mars 2023

This and that..

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 Early this morning I. Received  a message from my son, and two pictures.
The little doll is representing Maxime for his 1 year Birthday coming soon isn’t it a good idea.

Maxime is going to kindergarten, for the first time he is staying half an hour, he looks a little stressed As I can see on his face. Beginning of April he will stay half days.

Today, I decided to put a small piece of plaster to open my eyelid correctly ( when I am home) because of the anesthetist which paralysed my eye now it really is smaller and can’t open that wide. I will have  to have a new surgery on both eyes 👀 to get the same look expression and  will have to manage by myself to find a surgeon and pay for it! I am really upset by this problem!

But I am used to cope with problems, so I must find a solution.

Internet is not back we are still using 4G and don’t have our favourite tv programs. When we were children we did not have these problems… only Three channels and we were happy! They are searching for the problem???

We are back to reading.

We are soon going to the tiny house, Bandit has all his vaccinations and today I will order the breakfast from the farm we are staying, the farmer brings your breakfast to the house with bread baked by himself and products from the farm.

This morning I will be back on my treadmill to do some exercises, now the rest is over.

I must cook for tonight and do some more crafting in the afternoon. Today it is warm 20 degrés C this warm weather won’t last very long. It is un usually coming from the Sahara desert.

I wish you a good day!

6 commentaires:

  1. I hope that the surgery on your eyes will be solved soon!

  2. That is bad news about your eyelid. I hope you find a good remedy.

  3. Cute little doll and cute little Maxime! Hope kindergarten goes well for him.
    I'm so sorry about your eye. I would be frustrated too.
    Getting away to the tiny house will be so nice.

  4. I'm sorry about your eye and I can understand your frustration.
    Maxime is sweet and that doll looks just like him.

  5. The little doll does have the same face shape as Mixime! So he will be going to kindergarten at one year old, or did I misunderstand? Oh my, I am so sorry about your eye! What was the first surgery for, and how long ago?

  6. I'm so sorry about your eyelid and having to undergo further surgeries. I'd be upset, too.
    What a sweet face Maxime has, and the little doll does resemble him somewhat.


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