vendredi 31 décembre 2021

The last morning sky of the year.

 Hello Friends 

This is the last morning sky of the year and when I woke up I saw this beautiful sky! Is this a good  omen for the coming year? I hope so.

Tonighwe will be the two of us, because we don’t want to gather due to the constant growing of the virus.

Today, we are obliged to wear masks outside again.

Ihope this year will be the good one and that we get rid of the virus.

So, I wish you A Better New Year!

mardi 28 décembre 2021

A bad weather, but a nice day.

 Hello Friends,

Today, was the last day with my son, before he goes back to his home in Dubai tomorrow.
We enjoyed our day out to a town called «  Falaise »
Here is Guillaume the conqueror ‘s castle.
In the asthme an exhibition about Alice in wonderland took place. For children during the Xmas holidays.
Then we went to visit a museum about the life of civilians during the Second World War, as the town was nearly totally destroyed by the bombing.

There was a film of this time and we could hear the bombs and the planes as if we were there.
It was so loud and we could feel the vibrations it was very impressive!

Then we went to an automaton museum
These articulated figures are from the 50’s and comes from the Christmas shop windows from Paris big shops.

This is the town hall and the museum of civilians during the war.
We had a very busy and interesting day two hours from home in the department de l’Orne.

samedi 25 décembre 2021

A Beautiful time!

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a nice time with your family?

We had a lovely time together on Christmas Eve, but today we are all tired.

We opened lots of presents and some of us are using them today! My son is doing his Star Wars virtual game , others are reading their books and I am relaxing in my chair after having cooking all the meals!

The snow was 10 years ago on Xmas day!

It was so nice! But today, it is very grey and wet.

I took this picture in Japan representing the family
Xmas presents everywhere
Life in the house again
Christmas bread for breakfast 
And the usual Panettone 
Playing Yam.
I had a beautiful present! A book full of Japanese bird prints.

I am on my blog while everybody is playing.
We will have evening together and there are three days left in France for my son. I had time to give my son’s wife the baby clothes he wore at his birth for my coming grandson. Look
Have a nice Sunday

mercredi 22 décembre 2021

It’s cold for Xmas!

 I am glad the windows are changed! This morning it is freezing more than yesterday.
The children are coming back from Paris I hope they ‘ll drive carefully. Paris is 150 km from home.

The front door will arrive end of January.
It is really warmer with the new windows!
We are expecting snow for Xmas!

I can now prepare the Christmas lunches.
You must be busy in the kitchens!

I wish you to spend The Holidays with your loved ones
And I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

mardi 21 décembre 2021

Winter wedding Anniversary.

Christmas decorations in Paris shops!

 Hello Friends!

Yesterday this is how we had lunch! With our coat and scarves! It was freezing outside and today it is colder!

My son and his wife have left yesterday and went to his sister. Today, the four of them are going to Paris for two days.

The  windows and doors should be installed tonight, except the front door that should arrive in January.

I will have to hurry tomorrow to do my last shopping and cooking. I can’t use the kitchen today.

I am a bit stressed before Xmas! 

It was our 38 th wedding anniversary on the 17th of December and I found a present for Mr L.vintage car toy and vintage items under a cloche with light.

The new door in one bedroom all glass so I can see the landscape and the sheep’s next door.

I hope you ‘ll have a Merry Christmas with all your loved ones! MERRY CHRISTMAS !

My son brought me these magazines from Dubai and I found shelter in my bedroom with Bandit to feel a bit warmer and to read my magazines.

dimanche 19 décembre 2021

Day in Etretat with our son.

We went to have a relaxed day by the sea in Etretat 

Etretat is the place where «  Arsène Lupin » the film took place. Arsène Lupin is a character of Maurice Leblanc’s novel. He is a thief who hides it’s booty in the hollow needle ( the rock in the picture)

A 17th C restaurant 

Our son and his wife

The other side of the bay. The cliff you have to climb to go the chapel.

We had a nice lunch at a fish restaurant, a “ promenade” in the village and went back home before the night. It was Avery nice day!
I found red  China from Poland  for’s a very nice shop with colourful China!

Tomorrow works in the house starts again until Wednesday!


End of holidays.

Hello Friends, Only two more days and they’ll go back to Dubai. We did a lot. Went to Rouen yesterday and met auntie Maud, went to see the c...