vendredi 10 mars 2023

Flowers from far away and miniature decor in a 🧳

New DIY project. A doll house in a little suite case.
I had already the items and saw the idea to use them on Pinterest.
I already bought the decoration behind the cooker in the Netherlands 
I found some cardboard paper to decorate the inside.
Hello Friends 

During the night, I recieved pictures from my daughter who is travelling through Costa Rica visiting the National parks. Here are the orchids pictures she has sent me and the little video is about a Tatou. I had a look on the net and did not know there were some (Tatous  in french )in Texas. Armadillos I think in English.

This coming week, as I can’t go out o am going to do a doll house in a little suitcase. I am preparing and looking for new ideas.

I wish you a good weekend.


1 commentaire:

  1. What lovely tropical flower photos your daughter-in-law sent you. Enjoy making your suitcase project. Looks like fun!


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