mardi 28 février 2023

Keeping warm inside.

I had a mango 🥭 left and did not know what to do with it? I decided to make a rice caramel mango rice pudding with almond crunch on top.

Rice pudding is one of our favourite winter sweet, when we have a light main dish or for breakfast instead of bred and yogurt.

I have cooked it very slowly and first cook it in boiling water to be much more soft. I added the mango before putting in the oven after being cooked in the milk.

 One of my favourite walk down the valley.

This was a chapel and now the smallest town hall of France.

For the ceremonies people had to stand outside! Better have a nice weather!!

lundi 27 février 2023

Scottish trip and shortbreads.

Hello Friends ! 
 Today, I decided to bake Scottish Shortbreads.
I haven’t baked them for a long time.I like when there is a nice baking cookie smell in the house!
I made them in a round shape and stamped them with »Biscuits Maison » «  home made cookies »
This is a vintage big morning coffee and milk cup.
I like the flowers on it, makes me think of Spring and Summer!
Nice Dausies


I think it must be dating back to the 50’s it is numbered and comes from the Digiin fabric.
I also love it’s soft colours.

Last night I had a look at the sky, they said on tv that we could see Aurora Borealis but could not see anything. We had to look north towards the North Pole 
It’s a rare phenomenon coming from the pole which could be seen in North of France, but best in Scotland.
  Making my Shortbreads made me think of my trip in the Highlands!
I went twice to Scotland and the last time was a mother and son trip, before he went to live in Dubaï.
We rented a car and went in small hotels, castles. Lighthouse and B&Bs. I drove 2000kms, we started from Inverness and went all round the Highlands.
I had not driven on the left side for long and it takes time for your brain to adapt, but they drive very quickly and the people did not understand why in a Scottish car I was not driving so fast and they  became nervous behind my car! So the next day, I decided to make a placard and stick it at the back window, saying. “Beware french driver!” And then all the drivers became very friendly and took care behind my car! ( they surely were scared! 😆)
Just a little piece of card board and a funny explanation.
Afterwards I drove as fast as the others after two days!
We also went on the Hebrides to a distillery.

My daughter has ordered this little book made with our pictures for us.

This is the view from the lighthouse garden

We went on Loch Ness with a small glass of Wisky
And visited a distillery. We had fun together!

He just climbed up the mountain. It was in the “ Munros”  Highlands mountains and he was very pleased! We had a nice trip and I am glad we did it because for 14 years now I can see him only twice a year.
Precious pictures and precious moments!

Vintage dresses from the past

 Yesterday, Bandit went for a long walk with his dad and stayed outside all after noon with him running in the garden. So, this morning he feels very, very tired!

And he is having a nap 💤 

Mr L has already cut part of our field grass. The second part I would like him to cut only all around and keep high grass in the middle for the biodiversity and  only make a path. The next door cat Ceasar has spent the day there hunting in the short grass, this is easier for him to catch mice 🐁 !

Vintage girl dess details
All was handmade
All pleated
A vintage lace top this will go to my daughter in law as she liked it.
My Laura Ashley wedding dress. It’s Laura Ashley 70’s Anniversary! I was in my 20’s! A long time!

Thé top of the girl dress
Another hand made girl dress
The top of my wedding dress
The delicate lace of the corsage.

My other 80’s Laura Ashley cocktail dress velvet and taffetas.
All the details were handmade!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...