jeudi 2 mars 2023

A new beautiful day !

Hello Friends,
Today, we are all waiting for Spring , Sun and Flowers!
I thought I could share with you these  little videos  I made from home and one from Maxime.
What a lot of  energy has Maxime! Awakening  to life and calling for mum! I often watch this video , even Bandit the dog reacts and talk to Maxim when I watched it.
It gives me a lot of energy! 
I hope you enjoy these videos!

Today, I must go food shopping and call the taxi  for tomorrow, not to forget to take me to the clinic. We still have frost and cold temperatures but a blue sky and a bright  sun 🌞 

I wish you all a very good day!

(Source : from the net)
Two new birds who came to eat yesterday: un Plnson.

6 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,
    I just came from the bank, the pharmacy and the drug store. It's warm, the sun is shining.
    Maxime is very cute. I like both videos.
    Now I'm resting a bit before lunch. Take care of yourself. Éva

  2. Aww! Maxime is adorable!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Hi Catherine,
    We are so anxious for Spring here too! Our ice is gone but they are predicting another huge storm this weekend. I'm tired of these weekly storms. :(
    The video of Maxime is adorable! Such joy! It's fun to hear him.

  4. Your video is beautiful, and what fun to watch Maxime!

  5. oh my goodness, how adorable is maxime, i'm not sure i have ever seen a cuter, more alert baby!!

    the pictures in your first video are beautiful, there was one of a sunrise?? that was spectacular!!

  6. Maxime is adorable! How you must treasure these videos. Spring is such a beautiful season.


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