jeudi 16 mars 2023

Keukenhof Spring flowers in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Hello Friends,

In 2017 we started to visit the Netherlands. We decided to go in Spring to see the tulip 🌷 fields and visited Keukenhof garden.

It’s a very nice garden full of tulips and bulbs it is colourful and beautiful.
Then we visited the fields going by boat on the canals.

I will have a look for my own pictures of the floral park!

I started the Bunny felted wool yesterday, I have as usual good instructions in the kit, but it is not very easy. I am struggling to do the paws 🐾 
It has been one week that I had my eye surgery. I can see much better, but  for the surgery they do big injections above and under the eye to paralyse it during the surgery and now my eyelid is not opening correctly 
I hope it will come back to normal.
I did not have this problem with the first eye ( different surgeon, different technique) but my surgeon is retired.
We only had eye drops, no injections and it was ok and no dropping eyelid! And headaches…

Today, I will start my “memory jar” I saw on Debbie’s blog “ it’s all about purple” I think it’s a very good idea and I have got a lot of vintage jars in stock!

Have a nice day!

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh I'm sorry about your eyelid! How uncomfortable for you!
    Praying it returns to normal!

  2. Beautiful tulips! :)
    I wish that your eyelids get better as soon as possible. Good job with the bunnies. I would like to see them.
    I cleaned my apartment, ironed and had lunch. I have a free afternoon now.
    I wish you all the best. Éva

  3. Only your "eyelid". Fortunately, you do not have problem with both of them.

  4. Beautiful photos. Today I experimented with "allowing cookies " on your blog and to my surprise now I can post a comment. My son ( the techy one) has always told me to avoid allowing these cookies. Now I don't quite know how to proceed. But I'm happy to know that I can comment once in a while at least.
    Sorry about your eyelid. I hope that heals soon.

  5. We visited Keukenhof about 12 years ago on our Netherlands and River Seine Viking River tours. It was very beautiful with all of the tulips in bloom. It was just one destination on two back to back river cruises with most of a week in Paris in between, including Rouen. It was all wonderful.
    I hope your eyelid issue clears up. It's worrisome for now.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit! Near to me is the city of Holland, where many Dutch people settled and now there is an annual Tulip Time Festival with tulips planted all over the city. It's beautiful!
    I love your jars and am anxious to see what your memory jar looks like.
    I'm sorry about your eye - praying it heals soon!


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