jeudi 2 mars 2023

Cooking and walking

Hello Friends 
Yesterday after my weekly shopping, I decided to make a bread and butter pudding, but I had no time to make the custard. So I will make it today. The bread and butter pudding was with pears and currants soaked in Brandy.brown sugar on top and cinnamon.
Then I cooked endives with ham béchamel sauce and cheese for dinner. It’s a complete dish and easy to cook in advance.

This is the early morning and I had my big coffee , toasts and orange juice, ready to prepare Mr L ‘s sandwiches. This week our weekend will be short as he is on duty. 

This afternoon the taxi is coming to take me to the clinic for my anesthesist appointment. The clinic is 
30 km’s from is always a stress to know if I will be on time! The next week will be surgery time!
Last year we decided on a Sunday to go to a village not very far from home which is a village of thatched houses, as they were in the old days in Normandy.
I love walking on these little lanes and discover beautiful flower gardens and houses. It is located on the bank of the river Seine.

Only a few cottagers left to repair or re thatch the « Chaumières »

Clay on top and Irises

This is a very peaceful place full of beauties!
We had a nice walk and afternoon there!
I wish you a nice weekend.

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,
    You cook delicious food again. Always a pleasure to come here and look at your pictures.
    I hope your appointment with the anesthesiologist goes well and you get there on time.
    The Normandy village is also very beautiful.
    I'm going to see M today. I'll be back on Monday afternoon.
    I hope you have a good short weekend. I wish Mr L a good job. With love. Éva

  2. Your pudding looks delicious!
    And I would love to see a house with the thatched roof! I think they're beautiful!

  3. Your food looks tasty and pretty too.
    I love the thatched homes. It must be a beautiful place to visit.
    Enjoy your weekend as well!

  4. We saw thatched roofs in England. S very charming, and almost a lost art.

  5. When we visited Normandy, our guide pointed out the irises on the tops of thatched roofs. Beautiful!
    Would you believe that I made Endives au jambon last week? Must be the season. It's such a delicious dish.


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