jeudi 31 août 2023

From Autumn to Summer…

 (Source: ZZZOe)

Today, it is raining 🌧️ all day and we will have thunderstorm again. It is rather cold, but… tomorrow 
We will leave Autumn and go back to Summer!? 30 C and we will have to leave Autumn clothes and take our Summer clothes again!

It will be cooler on the coast !

Last night, I could get a baskets from “ Too good to go”
( the unsold food of the day, not to waste food)
You don’t know what will be in the basket it’s always a surprise. I took two baskets for 10 euros and we had quite a lot. We had two salmon and rice organic dishes
And two individual quiches Lorraine, melons 🍈, yogurts , croissants, sausages, ham…
I order and pay with my phone and my husband after his work in the town takes the baskets home.
At the same time we can taste the food they sell and later buy what we had liked or not.

Today, I will stay home and prepare the suitcases and do some ironing. We are both very tired after all what happened since December and we are longing to have a rest, a good rest! That’s why we will not go very far for the moment.
A good weekend to you!


Today, I went to have my hair cut, but I am not satisfied 
I arrived at 9.30 and went out at 12! Too much chat and not good work! Next time I will change…
Well, it will be better next time and in a quieter place!
What about your hairdresser? Did you find the right place?
Back home, I took my suitcase 🧳 out and will prepare the clothes I am going to take.
As you can see my suitcase has a lot of colours!
Travelling teaches you tricks to get your suitcase easily when coming out of the plane.
Most luggage is grey, black… difficult to distinguish which case is yours, so mine is very easy to fetch when on the luggage conveyor.
My case is an “American Tourister”
It’s quite a big suitcase that now knows how to fly to Dubaï, but this time it will have a rest with me in Brittany!
Taking my typical  french sea side clothes 😆 and a rain coat!

It is now cold and rainy, but in Normandy we don’t mind the rain!

mercredi 30 août 2023

DIY day .

On Sunday I did some decorations with clay. It is drying itself and becomes hard. I let them dry three days and started to paint them today.
I also did this découpage from «  Daphne’s diary » magazine. These are 3D decoupage.

I finish to paint my chair and let it dry. I used gold leaves in some places.
This is the before one.

I am also on messenger with my son, father and son are on their own during 4 days, mum is abroad for her work in Prague, now doctors have allowed her to take the plane.
Tomorrow I am going to have my hair cut and will begin to prepare the suitcases. 
Usually in September it is warm, but at the moment 
Autumn has arrived in advance !
18C but 12C in the morning and leaves are falling already.
End of September we will receive the bulbs we ordered
And we will have work in the garden!
Have a nice day!

lundi 28 août 2023

Fall has arrived !

On Sunday, I did not know what to do, so I decided to decorate the mantel for Fall.
Here Fall has arrived and it is nice 😊 
So instead of decorating after our holidays I started yesterday.

Some news from Dubai! I will have a second grandson!
The baby is a little boy again due in March!

I made this crown I bought for 4 euros instead of 20 in the shop that is closing. The leaves 🍁 and flowers are from Action, I glued them on the little crown.
My felted wool squirrel and mushrooms.
My felted pumpkin 🎃 

The felted Fox 🦊 


dimanche 27 août 2023

A very Cool day!

 Yesterday it was Happy National Dog Day!

You can see how my dog Bandit has a happy 😃 life!

Today, my son has sent me a message, 50 .8 C degrees in Dubai the hottest temperature they ever had!

We have lost 15 C in two days how nice 😊 !

samedi 26 août 2023

Fall decoration shopping.

Yesterday, we could breathe again. The air was cool and only 21 C! SO nice!
I went out shopping. I bought some paint to finish my project and went to get some decorative gold leaves. For furniture decoration, but one of my favourite DIY shop is closing another one I went to is closing. Due to the long lockdown and the high prices of life they are closing definitely ! So I must now go on internet to shop.
The shop windows are already have their Fall decorations. So I went to a shop like ( dollar shop)
To get some decorations, but I will use them after our holidays.

And some decorations for the Maileg house
Pumpkin garlands 

This is what I got from the closing shop most of them at one euro and the baby punches for scrapbooking at 4 instead of 17 euros.

 A lot of shops are definitely closing it is so sad when you have been clients for many years.

Next week I will continue my furniture painting I have been able to get some more paint yesterday.

vendredi 25 août 2023

A good relief 😮‍💨 !

(Youtube thunderstorm in Normandy)
I must do the dusting in the Maileg house they are way for Maxime and  for his future brother or sister???
Grandma and grandpa mice have survived to the heat!

They had air conditioning in the bedroom 😆 

The house is full now ready for our grandson to come
Maybe at Xmas if mum is allowed to take the plane!

 Hello Friends,

As I told you yesterday, we had a big thunderstorm ⛈️ 

With strong winds. Here it did not last long, but in our region trees have been uprooted, streets flooded and roofs damaged. Here we used to have power cuts, but now the  electric  wires are buried underground which is a very good thing. The first time we had a tornado here was the day after Xmas 1999 and the power had been cut during One week! No heating and no hot water in December!

Now, the heat is gone ( I hope for ever!) and the humidity is still a bit there, but 21 C!we lost about 15 degrees and we are having rain which is good  for the vegetation.

I can go out this afternoon with fresh air!

The bad weather we had is going to the north and east of France now . The south is no more having more than 40 degrees which will be a big relief for them after three weeks.

I hope you will have a nice and safe weekend.

jeudi 24 août 2023

Horrible weather!

  This morning it is all dark, we have to put the lights on, a thunderstorm is arriving, with strong winds and hail !

It is very humid  86%  humidity and it is a suffocating weather! Next week will be a lot cooler, I don’t like hot and humid weather I am glad !
It is a very unusual weather for Normandy.

We had to stay inside , close doors and windows and not use electric devices for the moment.
Some towns are already flooded..

We are having very heavy rain at the moment and thunder, I am scared for our home and car, I hope it won’t be hail, some places have very big hail stones the size of a tennis ball! And it damaged the roofs and cars…we will see. The thunder has struck at the moment!a terrible noise next to the house, on a tree or on the church.
What about the weather in your country?

mercredi 23 août 2023

Living in the countryside .

I am going to get dried hydrangeas for the winter
They were dark blue 
It is cool under the weeping willow 

Bandit is hunting moles today!

 Hello Friends,

Today, I think I will read outside in the shade. This is a privileged you have, when you have a garden with big trees and when you live in the countryside.

Since the pandemic and lockdowns, many people left towns for the country and complain about the noises.

For my part, I love to hear the church bells 🔔 at 7am

And every quarter of an hour we are used to that. I like to hear the cock crow at dawn and I know it’s half past five , the goose next door and the donkey 🫏  rather than the lawnmowers .

I have lived in town during my studies, but rather like the birds song than the town noises!

It is very quiet today, as many people are on holidays and children not back to school yet. We like to go on holidays when others are back to work and be with the retired people is very pleasant.

I went to do the grocery shopping today as I am feeling better and yesterday I baked a banana and milk chocolate loaf  and will have a slice after lunch with my coffee.

Enjoy your day!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...