mercredi 27 juillet 2022

Some things I like

Long time ago, I found this little “Yardley” soap holder

In a garage sale. This reminded me of the Yardley soap I bought during my stays in Great Britain.

I remember their special lavender soap and eau de Cologne.

I love the delicate figurines of mother and daughters
The soap I bought many of them in the Netherlands, but if I remember they are Italians.

 Last Saturday Mr L wanted to by something for me as a present and as I saw this embroidered Dragonfly in the shop the day before, I suggested it would be nice on a jacket or a dress. I already had the bee brooch.
This is a little brooch from USA  it is small but lovely.
(Divine Iguana”)
Dragonflies are so beautiful and rare nowadays 
These brooch are made of embroidery and pearls.

(“Trovelore” brooches)

( I have not good news for my damaged door. Tonight I will contact my consumer association to help me!
I am not optimistic concerning the issue. 
But I already had good help with the association and they have solved some of my problems before)
I am going to contact them tonight!

mardi 26 juillet 2022

Preparing the house for our visitors!

Hello friends!
I love hydrangeas’ time!
This one is always blue when the others are turning pink. This part of the garden must be different from the others.


Bad news the new door has a big problem and they had to cut a part of it( the top is too tight! ) we are very disappointed after 9 months waiting!
The firm is closing in august for holy days as all is closing in august in France! And they should come I’m September when we’ve planed our vacations…
But a good news is the coming of this little boy who is coming to see grandma beginning of August!
I hope the travel from Dubai will not be too hard for him. Grandma has prepared my bed and everything for my arrival and we will meet soon for the first

Hello everybody!
See you soon!

vendredi 22 juillet 2022

Never do two things at the same time!

Today we have some « RAIN ! » and… I just cleaned the windows this morning 😆 

Nice for the garden but not for my windows.

I am dusting and rearranging my cookery books

And at the same time I baked some rhubarb tarts… I have put the right heat and time… I was busy with my books and suddenly realised they were too cooked by the smell in the kitchen !

See what’s the result!

It’s eatable but next time now I know the time is too long.

Tonight Mr L is bringing some food from a deli 
A new place. The lady from the deli has lent me this book, but Mr L ordered it in Amazon this morning, my daughter in law being veggie this is the right book to help me.

Edited by «  Hachette cuisine »

This is the picture from the book and it will be my supper. I love « Cobb salad »
I wish you a nice weekend!
 Some of my books!

( marabout)

( Hachette cuisine)

jeudi 21 juillet 2022

Babar the elephant 🐘 and Peter the rabbit 🐇

 Do you know Babar?

This is a little elephant having adventures in children’s book.
This Babar was my son’s favourite and he has 33 years.
Two days ago I went to get it in a box for my grandson, I decided to wash it with baby washing liquid and when I got it from the machine all the inside came out!
Last night I repaired it ( for the second time) I did not remember Babar had already been repaired !
Just as a decoration now. The King Babar is now ready!
I did not know what to cook last night, after having eaten plenty of salads during the hot days. I baked a broccoli, goat cheese bacon and onions then we had some of the apricot Charlotte.

I went to visit one of my friend ´s shop and I found this soft toy ( very soft!)
I bought her an issue of «  Nordic Living » and now she is now a reseller and I could get the special garden issue.
In another of my favourite shops I found this Peter rabbit music 🎶 box for Maxime.

This is the growing collection !
Today 21degrees but still hot in the house.
Outside I appreciate the coolness!
Have a good day!

mercredi 20 juillet 2022

She shed inspiration and little gardens.

Today, we have a heat break! ( only 23 outside)
We are exhausted ! Yesterday I had to go out in the garden  and it was as if I entered in the oven!
I think it was 45C under the sun. I felt worse than when I went to Dubai in March with 40C.
Last night we had some rain( not much )
This morning I went out… it was so nice to breathe some fresh air! I did my shopping before Saturday as the heat will come back.
I am thinking about decorating my garden shed for the summer. I must ask one of my friends who has a shop, if she has a faux fire place mantel. I hope we will be able to work in it soon!

(Source Pinterest)

A vintage caravan is nice too!

I have a big garden , it was nice when we had the children and a big dog but when we retire I wish to have a small garden.

This one must be a caravan

 ( all pictures from Pinterest) 
I did an Apricot Charlotte, we will see the result tomorrow with “crème Anglaise”!

In fact tonight! Apricot Charlotte!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...