mardi 21 mars 2023

One year already!!

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 Hello Friends 

It’s been some time since I took Maximes in my arms, but I have him on Skype every weekend and I can see how he is growing and doing progress every week!

Now he knows what he wants or does not want!

He likes to use two spoons to make noises , play with a balloon and turn the pages of the books he wants to look at.

Next month on the 18th he will already be one year old!

Time flies so quickly. 

I am preparing the parcel going to Dubai and grandpa bought the Birthday card yesterday.

Inside the parcel, there will be a book in french ( as Maxime understands English for the moment) a toy box making lights on the ceiling and telling stories and french songs , a Mickey Mouse soft toy , a chocolate rabbits, rabbit sleepers and socks .

My daughter in law had bought him his first shoes last weekend, isn’t he a big boy now!

5 commentaires:

  1. Awww! He's a beautiful baby! I know you miss him! Happy Birthday to Maxime!

  2. Oh, how you will miss him. Can you imagine that our ancestors could only communicate through letters? And that it took so long to receive a letter back with photos. The beauty of your message is that I sense love in it. And the longing to see each other again. Very beautiful photo. Greetings from rainy Netherlands. We are getting soaked all day.

  3. He is such a healthy happy looking baby. You must miss him so very much. Skype is wonderful for connecting over long distances. The gifts you've chosen sound lovely.

  4. Maxime will be walking on his own by his birthday.
    I was 1500 miles away from my two grandbabies when they were that age. Thank goodness we have even more electronic connections now.

  5. I can't believe he is almost 1. The time passes so quickly. I'm glad you have Skype to enjoy him.


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