jeudi 23 mars 2023

The North Men and Normandy.

Saint Wandrille abbey see on the map( the pictures did not came in order)

A little bit of Normand history.
I have lived in a village close on the banks of the river Seine called “La Bouille”  I was living close to the river and it was nice to see the boats with their different flags 
This is why I liked to travel.
Now A very short history of the river Seine and the abbeys:
The vikings arrived around the year 800
They came from Danemark and sailed from the sea to the river Seine. They were looking for gold and knew there were some in the abbeys this is why they attacked and destroyed the abbeys on their way.
It was not yet called Normandy. The french king could not get the vikings raids to stop and decided to allow the Danish Rollon to settle and to be baptised in exchange. This was the beginning of what is now Normandy ( the men coming from the North) and there is a street in Rouen which is called «  rue Rollon »
Lots of our villages names comes from Vikings words. Around us villages  names begin by « Thuit » like Thuit Signol, Thuit Anger, Thuit Simer …thveit is the Vikings word which is «  a recently cleared forest »….

( source: facebook La Bouille) La Bouille on the map is after Rouen going towards the estuary of the river 
This part of the abbey was added 

Bec Helloin 

Then this Abbaye was rebuilt by the Vikings after they became Christians and destroyed again at the French Revolution !
They are ruins now, but it’s always fascinating places and a big part of our history. Many visitors all along the years. If some of you have cruised on the river you maybe have visited some.
Jumieges abbey ( on the map)
Beaumont- le - Roger abbey 
Beaumont le roger
Bec Helloin 
Beaumont le roger
Beaumont LR
Beaumont LR
Beaumont LR
The one I like best jumieges 

 Bec Helloin tower.

Today, I am going out and drive to have my hair cut. But at the moment we must not use our car too much, because of the strikes and lack of petrol in the petrol stations ⛽️ ! Fortunately I don’t have far to go! 😆 

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  1. Thanks for the Normand history and the beautiful photos.
    I always watch the news about France. I see a lot of protests because of the pension reforms. How much trash has piled up on the streets!
    I did not know that there is lack of petrol.
    I need to have my hair cut soon too.
    I hope you can go to the hairdresser today.
    It's warm out here. 20 degrees. We will go shopping soon.
    I wish you all the best, Éva

  2. Love the photos! Amazing how they built such beautiful buildings.

  3. Interesting history and beautiful pictures!

  4. J'adore ces vieilles bĂątisses avec le contexte historique... merci pour tes superbes photos et renseignements.
    Nous avons fait un voyage dans les chùteaux de la Loire et à travers le sud jusqu'aux vestiges des chùteaux cathares... malheureusement je n'ai jamais été en Normandie. Merci pour vos photos.
    J'ai entendu parler des protestations, notamment à cause de la réforme des retraites. --- Germany... toute personne née aprÚs 1964 n'a le droit de prendre sa retraite qu'à 67 ans... j'ai pris ma retraite à 66 ans... un scandale - imaginez un enseignant ou des ouvriers du bùtiment à 66 ans dans devant la classe de l'école ou pendant la maçonnerie.

  5. the buildings are rich with history and beauty!! i did not know about the petroleum problem. that must be so difficult to not be able to move around freely. like when covid hit and we all know how that felt!! my haircut is next week, i need mine styled desperately!!

  6. Interesting! I did not know that Normandy was named for the men from the north. And having cruised the Seine, from La Havre to Paris, I obviously didn't know how much I was missing, although we did make some wonderful stops.
    I might add here that I am also from the "men from the north". My DNA shows I am 95% Norwegian and Swedish.

  7. I enjoyed the photos and the history which I didn't know about . GM

  8. In some of my history courses we studied the Vikings and their influence on Normandy, and how the Normans managed to eventually control much of Europe (and Great Britain), even to Naples in Italy. I found it so interesting.
    We cruised the Seine in 2016 and visited Fontanelle (St Wandrille), and Jumieges. I loved Jumieges with those towering ruins. Such amazing architecture! So many stories hidden in those walls.
    I had an appointment for a haircut on Wednesday, but my stylist was ill and the appointment was delayed until next week. I did a tiny trim on my bangs (fringe) because they were driving me crazy!

  9. I love the old buildings you have! Everything is so beautiful;
    Interesting history too.


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