lundi 6 mars 2023

Spring Birthdays 🎂

Hello Friends,
During the night I recieved pictures from my daughter and her husband who are visiting the National parks of Costa Rica for two weeks.
This is my daughter but in Iceland on the volcano
Son, daughter-in-law and grandson .
Now 38 my daughter and 35 my son! Time flies!

Lots of strange animals there, I am sure this red frog must be poisonous!
Strange spiders and spiderwebs !
I am waiting for Toucan pictures and a Sloth 🦥 
I would love to see them in their natural environment !
When we went out on Saturday, I had a look for Birthday presents 🎁 to send to Dubai. On March the 8 it is my son’s Birthday, on April 18th is Maxim’s Birthday and his mother’s was in February. So I will send all together.For my daughter-in-law I found the “Fable” necklace with a Puffin                And the matching earrings 
In our favourite Tea room I found chocolate and Rose syrup for baking
This is the Tea room
In a concept store I found a book about north and south poles expeditions. My son having done some expeditions in the north and I know he would like to do one on the South Pole. 

I also found a travelling book notes for him and for future father and son expeditions.
This is the bee 🐝 I found for me

 I found these jewellery in an English shop on the coast. I love thèse very delicate jewellery!
Have a nice Tuesday!
( two more days before my surgery!  😧)

6 commentaires:

  1. Dear Catherine,
    I am home again. I have not been able to write to you in the past few days.
    I had a great weekend and I'm glad you did too.
    Very nice necklaces. Yours is especially beautiful to me. I'm glad you found the shop.
    Happy birthday to your son and Maxim.
    I'll think of you in two days.
    Hugs, Éva

  2. Happy birthday to your family!
    I love the delicate jewelry.! Beautiful pieces...

  3. Happy birthday to your family! The gifts you have bought are beautiful!

  4. Your kids travel the world. That must be exciting!

  5. You have a beautiful family! I love the pictures of the kids when they were young.
    You did good with the shopping, those are all great gifts.
    I'll be praying the surgery goes well.

  6. beautiful pictures of your daughter and family!! you children were really adorable when they were young!! wonderful gifts you purchased!!


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