jeudi 29 avril 2021

Late Spring and Norwegian memories.

 Hello Friends,

This was last year’s photos end of April and this year nothing 
Has come out yet!! Too cold

You know the book about the places you must see in your life,
This one is certainly in the book!
But for me I had to absolutely see it!
The boat you see on the picture was our’s.
We flew from Paris to Copenhagen and then embarked on the cruise boat and sailed on the Norwegian coast. We went to Geiranger the place I wanted to see once in my life!
This is a beautiful view of the fjord , I should say a fantastic view!
While on the boat we saw lots of fjords, cascades...
Then a place I liked was Stavanger with it’s narrow streets and little white houses.
Then, a very nice place was Bergen.
We took free time and went to have lunch on the fish market.
We visited the old streets with it’s wooden houses, I enjoyed it very much.

This is our boat. I am not very fond of cruises nowadays, too big boats, too many people. The first one I did was in Greece a long time ago now and the size of the boat was reasonable and it was a very friendly atmosphere on board.
This is my point of view....
Norway and Denmark are beautiful places to visit. Before the pandemic we had the project to go to Norway but this time rent a car a visit by ourselves.
The cruises allowed us to see the coast and see places we would like to go back to visit.
I will continue to dream about my travel to Norway! 
And I wish you a good week end.

This was the four of us on our first cruise.... a long time ago!!!
The family j’has a new member ! The father with his blue  shorts.

mercredi 28 avril 2021


 Hello Friends,

Today, let’s go back to the past. A long time ago, I have been living in Wiltshire England. I stayed there one year living with a family of five.

I went with a friend who had a car, she was going to stay in the north of England and she dropped me in Wiltshire.

We crossed lots of fields on our way and military bases in Salisbury plain. I did not know this area and I was a little bit afraid to be in the middle of nowhere!

But, when we arrive to the villages I really lived that place.

I was often going to Bath one of my favorite place.

Especially the Spa and the Royal Cresvent.

The Jane Austen museum.

I was living in Chippenham and could go to beautiful villages

And nice tea shops, such as Amesbury and Alderbury.

I really loved to live there! And I loved the Laura Ashley’s shop in Bath. My wedding dress was a Laura Ashley one!

While I was staying there, I bought a Collie dog whose name was Lady. I brought her back on the ferry to France.

During this year, I visited Cornwall and went up to Scotland, the Hebrides and the Orcades.

I also enjoy to live with the family and 35 years later we are still

Sending cards to each other for Xmas.

( the pictures I took from the net are free of rights)

mardi 27 avril 2021

Making a blue tit and rescuing a blue tit...


Hello Friends,

Yesterday, I made some little mushrooms in felted wool and today as it is sunny, but cold , I decided to work the door open and I made a felted wool blue tit.
While I was working on the blue tit, I heard a noise...and guess what? There was a blue tit in the kitchen. She was looking for a way out and was at the window.
I rescued her but she was pinching me, but I finally took her out.
She was a tiny blue tit, I think a baby one.
In all our four nests the babies are born.
There is also a thrust with her two babies on our terrace. They are following their mother to get food from her.
Birds are everywhere! But flowers are very late.

Tiny house and she shed.

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday, I was looking for some ideas to get my she shed settled.

Last year I could not do all my projects because of my health problems, but now I begin to feel better and I am looking for inspiration.

Last year I had the roof changed and the inside insulation done. I started the decoration , but had no time to do my small terrace.

I also have to change the windows and do the outside paint

In greyish green this time. I would like this place to be confortable to spend afternoons reading  or drawing a kind of little studio.


My daughter and her husband have built themselves a lovely tiny house. I sometime watch on tv the building of tiny houses .

Some tiny houses are on wheels and can be moved anywhere.
My daughter’s tiny house has electricity with solar panel and a big water tank.these tiny houses are well equipped and easy to clean! Before I get a tiny house, I will have to work on my tiny shed!
( inspiration Pinterest)
The weather is still nice and sunny but still cold!

dimanche 25 avril 2021

Afternoon out of home.

 Hello Friends

Yesterday, my husband drove me to the hairdresser.
The hairdressers, flower shops and bookshops are now considered as essential shops, so they remained open during the lockdown.
It was nice to see some people and be able to chat a little bit.
Only four people are admitted at the same time in the shop.
I took a quick picture of the church. Strange architecture is’n it?
Looks sa if it was not finished to build!
The place is called Le Neubourg . The biggest market of  the area takes place here.
The first part is dedicated to smallproducers and home grew vegetables, home bred hens, rabbits...
In the other side of the church clothes, wool...
Then fruits, vegetables , fish and meat.
At the end hens, ducks,chicks...
After the hairdresser we went to our favorite shop to get good products that we can’t get from our nearest supermarket.

We also bought lemons from Menton south of France, little babas in lemon cello, raspberry vinegar, olive oil honey herbs for salad and barbecue , Corsica clementine jam.
And then my favorite English cheeses Stilton and Cheddar.
We will try to cook with the barbecue , but today it is nice but windy so we’ll have to eat inside!

Grandma’s cake!
I found this recipe in a magazine
And I thought I could do it this Sunday for our barbecue.
From the magazine « Ma campagne » 

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...