vendredi 17 mars 2023

Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

(Source: éphéméride calendar)
Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

 Hello Friends,

You know I told you our daughter and husband were in Costa Rica for two weeks. Before they left I  was afraid their flight was cancelled because of the strikes… they were able to leave but not able to come back!

The country beginning to be paralysed by demonstrations , strikes…

Finally they are still in Costa Rica and the french airline company offered them a night in the Hilton , but we don’t know when they will be able to fly back.

Today we will have rain and thunder in the end of the afternoon, we need rain 🌧️ because we had few and it is becoming to be dry which is strange for Normandy?

After three days wind 💨 we will have thunder! I hope nothing will be damaged ( our region is in “orange” today it means” violent thunder storms.”

Tonight Mr L will bring the diner, I order every Friday a salad from our favorite restaurant and he goes and takes the order after work on its way home.

Yesterday, I was looking at some old “Victoria”  Bliss and Classics magazines. The first ones were sent to me by my aunt who lived in Connecticut and then I could get them in France, but it was very expensive  getting them from US so I had to stop. But I still have a little collection.

This painting is from Jean Baptiste Perronneau “ Fillette au chat” young girl with a cat . It is in the National Gallery in London.(1743)
I love this painting and this morning there was a special light on it I wanted to share with you.
This lace heart was a gift from a blog friend in Belgium 
When I had my first blog, she was young but has left us a long time ago and I have always kept this souvenir of her. Behind are presents from a Spanish blog Friend I still follow on Facebook.
You can see the cat in the left corner.
This is a  stencil I used on grey wallpaper 
I found these ideas in an old 2013 Victoria Classics Monograms magazine ( source)
I think I will return to our Summer street markets to get vintage items to do some more crafts.

The pictures are from this 2013 magazine .
I found this vintage basket in a village street market. I think it a basket for fruit harvesting?

My  vintage lace jar

Some rags I found in a brocante and did not know it was a dress. So I put the peace’s together but the fabric is very thin and fragile.

I wish you a lovely day!

4 commentaires:

  1. So many pretty pictures today! I love the old lace dress. You have a real knack for displaying things.
    Isn't it wonderful how blogging brings us together from all over the world?
    I'm sorry to hear your daughter is stuck in Costa Rica. Hope she gets a flight soon.

  2. All of these are so delicate.
    I hope your husband and daughter make it back to you soon!

  3. I have an old white embroidered bed sheet with a monogram. I don't use it often.
    Sometimes I order lunch to be delivered. I don't cook every day.
    I hope your daughter and her husband can fly home from Costa Rica.
    I also hope the storm doesn't do much damage to your garden. The laces are beautiful.
    I wish you all the best.

  4. Beautiful photos, Catherine. I loved the old Victoria magazine. It's not as nice now, but I still buy it once in awhile. The Battenberg lace heart from your Belgian blogging friend is so pretty, as is the lace dress.

    We hear about the strikes in France on our news channels. The garbage is piling up in Paris!

    The light on your vintage painting is so pretty. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope rain comes soon for Normandy.


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