vendredi 31 mars 2023

A difficult weather !

I have been baking for the weekend a “Flan Pâtissier”
It’s vanilla flavoured.

It is drying.

(Source: ZZZOe)

 Hello Friends 

This morning I have to look at the house and  trees to see if there are damages as last night  at 1.46 I was awakened by a strong noise of wind over the house. The wind was blowing doing cercles and I recognised the sound of a cyclone as we had our first strong one in 1999.

It lasted 15 minutes and then a big silence!

I was really scared to know if the roof will be ok.

We live in a house from the 70’s with thick heavy walls and a heavy frame work, it has not been damaged in 1999 , but the winds are going to be stronger now.

At this time we were just the night after Xmas and we had 160 km/h wind, our forest have been devastated and we had many damages and power cut for one week. No heating for one week in December, it was freezing. At this time we had two cyclones at the same time and you could easily hear both violently turning above the house.

I wish not to have one when we go to the tiny house!

In 1999 I could not sleep and watched by a small window and I saw the garden shed going up in the air and violently coming down this is the only damage we had. Imagine in a tiny house! And we will be by the sea

Where the winds are stronger! Well if we had one now there are less chances to have one next month!( I hope 😆)

We were in orange zone yesterday with high wind and submersion alert on the coast, it is more and more frequent. I just heard on the radio this morning that it will continue today!

All the garden flowers will be spoiled by the rain and wind. We have a big branch of the weeping willow on the ground  and I did not see the back yard yet.

This makes me think of the children story of the”three little pigs”  the wolf blowing so strongly that the straw house of the first one was destroyed, the second wood one was destroyed too except the third one which was built in  bricks 🧱 do you know or remember this story? I will stay inside all day. Bandit will take his tablet against his Spring grass allergy and will be quiet all day.

By the way, they have repaired the problem with internet yesterday. Tv programs are back!

I am working on my shabby suitcase and I have got another one to work on.

I wish you a nice week end.

jeudi 30 mars 2023

A warm day.

Good morning !

Yesterday was a strangely warm day. Heat from the Sahara came to us and we had 20 degrees C! But today we will have thunderstorm and then back to cold!
This weather is very strange…
I went to do a garden tour, to see what we will have to do this weekend if the weather is fine. We will have to clean the terrace, pick up all the branches broken by the    wind , I think that will be all we can do this weekend.
Today, I will have to get médecine for Bandit’s allergy to Spring grass! Yes animals can be allergic to Spring grass! I even had a donkey in the past allergic too.
So he will take his tablets during Spring time.
The flowers are starting their bloom even the little Violets, I love Violets.
We don’t have any more sheep 🐑 next door, no Spring birth this year. Bandit is often looking next door for the sheep to play with, but no more friends.

Today, I will cook and maybe make bread  after I went to the vet and this afternoon do some crafts, I must finish my big suitcase decorated with Chromos.

I wish you a good day !


mardi 28 mars 2023

This and that..

(Source: ZZZOe)

 Early this morning I. Received  a message from my son, and two pictures.
The little doll is representing Maxime for his 1 year Birthday coming soon isn’t it a good idea.

Maxime is going to kindergarten, for the first time he is staying half an hour, he looks a little stressed As I can see on his face. Beginning of April he will stay half days.

Today, I decided to put a small piece of plaster to open my eyelid correctly ( when I am home) because of the anesthetist which paralysed my eye now it really is smaller and can’t open that wide. I will have  to have a new surgery on both eyes 👀 to get the same look expression and  will have to manage by myself to find a surgeon and pay for it! I am really upset by this problem!

But I am used to cope with problems, so I must find a solution.

Internet is not back we are still using 4G and don’t have our favourite tv programs. When we were children we did not have these problems… only Three channels and we were happy! They are searching for the problem???

We are back to reading.

We are soon going to the tiny house, Bandit has all his vaccinations and today I will order the breakfast from the farm we are staying, the farmer brings your breakfast to the house with bread baked by himself and products from the farm.

This morning I will be back on my treadmill to do some exercises, now the rest is over.

I must cook for tonight and do some more crafting in the afternoon. Today it is warm 20 degrés C this warm weather won’t last very long. It is un usually coming from the Sahara desert.

I wish you a good day!

Rose syrup « Crème brûlée »

When we went to the seaside two weeks ago I bought some Rose syrup  from our favourite tea room which is closing down.
I wondered what I could bake with it and found a « Crème brûlée » recipe. I tried this afternoon and as I used only egg yolks I will bake little meuringues with the whites coloured in pink.

It has a lovely taste and smell


lundi 27 mars 2023

DIY day and internet problem

I must make a tablecloth and cushions for the chairs.
Today, it’s a bad day. Many problems at the same time!
No internet a problem on the line I use 4G  and other problems arrived to add at the first one!
I managed to start my little suitcase to keep calm
Because I know the week will certainly not be a quiet one.
I also made a decorated Easter egg with flowers I got (from Action.)
They have tested the line and nothing is working, so if you don’t have news from me you’ll know I am waiting for the technicians to solve the problem! It is very slow to upload pictures.


dimanche 26 mars 2023

Life in the countryside

As I told you Saturday, yesterday we went to a cattle exhibition called “ a Comice agricole”
Many beautiful farm animals there and fortunately it did not rain. Many people with young children taking pictures to send to the grandparents. I wish Maxime was there. I saw him on Skype yesterday and my son told me that they are going on holidays soon to Norway.

I love this little horse on the right when we go up north of France we can see them in the fields in the “baie de Somme”
It took place in front of the church in the middle of the village. 

I love the pink colour of the piglets! Aren’t they cute?


Donkeys from Normandy 
Baby goats

This one is curly and so beautiful pausing for me.

They all were young farmers and the children could take a ride on these big machines with their parents  there were also carrousels for the children.
Farmers were selling their products and I bought a kilo of honey ( real farm honey! )
We decided with Mr L to go back to spring and summer “ vide greniers” ( like  garage sales) but in the village streets around where we live. We used to go every Sundays and have lunch there with many people ( barbecue…) and we enjoyed this time very much!
Hope the weather won’t be too rainy but here we are used to take our ombrelles with us, no problem
😆. I wish you a good start of week, for my part it will be a crafting week.

End of holidays.

Hello Friends, Only two more days and they’ll go back to Dubai. We did a lot. Went to Rouen yesterday and met auntie Maud, went to see the c...