mardi 28 mars 2023

Rose syrup « Crème brûlée »

When we went to the seaside two weeks ago I bought some Rose syrup  from our favourite tea room which is closing down.
I wondered what I could bake with it and found a « Crème brûlée » recipe. I tried this afternoon and as I used only egg yolks I will bake little meuringues with the whites coloured in pink.

It has a lovely taste and smell


8 commentaires:

  1. I'm glad you were able to write. It proves that your internet and computer problems are solved.
    I remember when you bought the rose syrup. I remember the picture too. It's good that you use it for baking.
    It sometimes snows here, it's cold and the wind blows. In the morning I was outside in my warm jacket, but now I am inside the warm apartment.
    Your pictures are nice. Hugs, Éva

  2. My but that creme brulee looks so good and the pink Meringues are lovely. My DIL also uses Rose syrup but I can't remember exactly what she makes with it.

  3. Hej Catherine, I would like to taste it. Fijne avond! Groetjes Willy

  4. Everything's coming up roses in this post! I want one of your meringues!

  5. The Crème brûlée recipe sounds delicious, and I'm sure the addition of the Rose syrup gave it a unique and fragrant flavor. And it's great that you were able to make use of the leftover egg whites by baking some colorful meringues. Overall, it sounds like you had a fun and creative cooking experience!

  6. The rose water bottle is beautiful! The creme brulees and meringues look delicious.

  7. Ooooh! They look beautiful and so good. I love the flowers you shared too.


Working hard on our project.

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