vendredi 10 mars 2023

A little Easter decoration and this and that…

 Hello Friends,

It’s been a long day yesterday! From 6AM to 5PM without eating or drinking.

Waiting from 12 to 4  to go for my eye surgery.
A lot of eye drops, two injections above and under the eye and an anesthésie ! I could not concentrate on beautiful souvenirs to be relaxed, because the surgeon was assisted by a robot and he was talking all the time 😆 ! He had 10 surgeries and 13 in the afternoon, one of the ladies who was with me asked a nurse and she was in panic because she was superstitious and did not want to be the last one! But she was the last one and all went well for her.
It is very chaotic here, between, strikes, demonstrations blocking the roads and today a strong wind storm with trees down blocking the roads! And a tornado in  Creuse, Brittany  in a flooding warning  ‼️ and here it is still very, very windy! Hope it will be ok?
We were lucky yesterday and took the empty road to be on time.
this morning I feel dizzy and stay in bed and I will try to do a little craft this afternoon, not sure…

Little Easter boxes I already cut and just have to glue them.  I finally glued them!
( Daphne’s diary)

This is all I can do for today with some crochet and rest but I don’t like to stay inactive !
I wish you a good weekend!
( back to the clinic on Monday to control my eye)
Thank you again for your  prayers and comments it is of a great help.

Last week I found a new cake stand 

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,
    I was waiting for your report on the day of your operation. I'm glad it worked out. :)
    Rest and take care. Thinking of you. Éva

  2. Glad that surgery is done and behind you! Now to heal. Your crafts are very cute.

  3. Hello Catherine,
    I am glad that your surgery went well, and I hope that the checkups reveal nothing but good news about healing.
    The Easter boxes are very cute! Take good care of yourself.


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