mardi 15 février 2022

Valentine flowers.


I hope you had a nice Valentine. This is what I received last evening, I love white flowers.
I am still busy preparing my travel, today I reserved the kennel forBandit and yesterday I took my appointment for my Covid test.
Hope you’ll have a nice week with nice weather, here it’s back to grey and cold! This afternoon I am going to bake an apple crumble!

vendredi 11 février 2022

Taking my suitcases out !

Today, it was sunny and I decided to go for some exercise.
It was mid day and the church bells rang.

 Some Flowers from the garden.
I took my suitcases out of the dressing and get slowly prepared to go to Dubai. It is two years since I went to visit my son .

Choosing my summer clothes. It will be about 30C in March.

This the last piece I found at the end of the sales.
I got these shoes last year while the Summer sales and last week I ordered the same ones in white, they are very confortable for walking.
This green summer bag.

So, I will be very busy until then and I will see you with some pictures after I had my negative test and go from home to Paris and Paris to Dubai and should arrive by midnight  and finally go to bed!
See you soon.( my suitcases are very colourful so I can find them in the middle of black plain suitcases!)

dimanche 6 février 2022

A stormy day.

On this Sunday, I had the idea to go and see the storm on the sea side. I think this storm’s name is Aurore.
We also went to see the smallest River of France La Veules .

We first had a sandwich in our car shaken by the strong wind, then when we went out we had heavy rain and strong wind, but it was nice to breathe fresh air from the sea with no mask!
We walked along the sea and got dry by the wind very quickly!
The waves were huge and the pebbles were flying with the huge waves, some big ones.

 We went back home and found that the storm  was following us .

We won’t be sleeping quietly tonight, to much wind blowing!

jeudi 3 février 2022

Candlemas and pancakes.

 Yesterday it was Candlemas and today I baked pancakes. 
When February arrives, the sun  🌞 and Spring are not too far away.
In my pancakes I put some Rhum and on top vanilla sugar.

At the moment, I have problems to leave comment on blogs, sorry.
When I am writing I just heard a bird knocked in the new windows, it happens everyday. They are not used to plain windows!
This is my creation years ago I printed a vintage photo on fabric.

This one I bought it in a Castle in Brittany a few years ago.
This afternoon I will read and finish my book.
Next week I am going to start painting my kitchen cabinets.
I hope blogger will allow me to leave comments very soon . For the moment I try and try without any success.
See you soon.

mercredi 2 février 2022

A reading day.

 Today, i went to do some shopping and I found some last sale!

Last week I saw some Yankee candles at half price because they were Xmas perfumed candles. A small Christmas magic and a big  Christmas Eve cocoa. They are nice winter perfumes!

On Saturday I found a book the story of Agatha Raisin a kind of Miss Marple and this afternoon I am having a rest reading , drinking coffee with the light and perfume of my candles!

Drinking coffee in my Blue tit Emma Bridgewater tea cup. I love Blue Tits.

The Amaryllis is growing, but no sign of colour yet.

Hope you enjoyed your day.

Ready for Summer.

First of all, thank you for your Birthday wishes! We have got the new awning, new clean cover for the barbecue that we cleaned last weekend ...