mardi 31 mai 2022

Edith Holden book and Crazy Plastic.

 Today, I found “Crazy plastic” in a drawer and decided to use it. It is always very funny to use it!

I found inspiration in Edith Holden book : “ the nature notes of an Edwardian Lady”

The colours darken when shrinking but it is fine for my future project!

I like how the blue butterfly came out.

This one is darker on the picture.

Today, the weather is fine but cold and windy and it is better to stay inside.

I have to think about my project and then work on it!

I will use the crazy plastic to do it!

This is a drawing from E.Holden I did when I was “ young” I may try to draw others and put my crazy plastic butterflies, bird… in the drawing like this for example.

lundi 30 mai 2022

Fabric hand made shabby flower brooches.

 Today, I cut some new garden roses to put in a vase. This is a small bouquet but I love the pale pink rose.( I don’t remember it’s name)

This morning I watered my plants and gave some food to the birds to help them feed the babies.
Yesterday, I found some fabric flowers brooch I made a few years ago. I also found the book to make some more.
(Source: l’atelier du fil Shabby home) number21 March 2017)
These are from the magazine

I did what I was told to keep my Mother’s Day bouquet as long as possible… cut the stems everyday and change the water!

samedi 28 mai 2022

Mother’s Day Bouquet.

Two days ago I was working on the kitchen and heard on the Rouen Normandy radio a florist was talking about flower bouquets on Mother’s Day , how to keep them long…
He is a “ Meilleur ouvrier de France” he won the title of best florist of France and is making beautiful peonies bouquets .
I love peonies and we decided to ask him to make  my Mother’s Day bouquet! So it is composed of peonies, hydrangeas, euphorbia, clematis, roses…I wanted a romantic bouquet.
I am very pleased with it and next time I will get a sweet pea one!


Do you remember when my son went to see the volcano in Iceland? He filmed and took some pictures, two of his pictures have been selected for an exhibition in London at the Royal Geographical Society and then through England until 2023.
I will try to go to London . The exhibition starts in June.
This was about this 🌋 volcano.
I am very proud for him!

vendredi 27 mai 2022

Mother’s Day

Today I had lunch with my daughter who just came back home from her holidays on a boat from the Seychelles islands  🇸🇨 
I borrowed this picture .
We had a barbecue chicken and corn 🌽 
And I cooked a banana in it’s peel with black chocolate inside!
I received some tea vanilla tea and cinnamon tea from the island plantations.
On Sunday it will be Mother’s Day here and I got my presents from both children today. We have been talking about gardening!

Japanese peony !
I have never seen this kind of flower before

I asked my daughter to look at my blog and try to solve the problem but we don’t understand why I can’t leave comments except on one blog? I must find and solve the problem!
We will do some gardening this week end and you?

 Happy Mother’s Day !

mercredi 25 mai 2022

Reading,scones and roses.

(Source “Maison Shabby Chic”)

Today is a grey day and only 17C we are having rain and wind 💨 a big branch of one of our trees was broken by the wind we will have to see what we can do to the tree tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a Holy day and Mr L will be home.
This morning the neighbour’s cat Ceasar killed a baby pigeon
Which n’est was on top of our willow tree. I was in the bathroom and by the window it was as if it was snowing … white small feathers everywhere coming from the tree!
This cat is a real predator for the birds living in our garden.
Bandit my dog tried to climb up the tree to kill the cat, so was the start of the day!
Last night I had a look at the magazine I bought 
During the day and I am also reading my 18 th book of MC Beaton (only 13 left to read!)

As I must not eat much sugar I decided to bake scones( only 2 table spoons sugar!)

My favorite rose bush

I also went in the garden to get some roses to decorate the living room.
I still can’t fix my blog and can only leave comments on two blogs I have problems with Google at the moment and try to get some help to get back to normal!

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps   That o will use for our garden project. Some more roses coming out We must get some black...