mercredi 22 février 2023

What shall I cook for dinner?

 Last evening I did not have much left in the fridge, but eggs , grated cheese and carrots. Mr L loves cheese soufflé, so I decided to make one and I had found a carrot burger recipe in a Daphne’s dairy magazine, so I made these burgers. It’s made of grated carrots , oatmeal, a little bit of flour, 2 eggs and ground cumin. I added currants and cooked in a pan with olive oil. 
It’s a good veggie recipe.
The recipe is In English 

Today, I must phone my taxi to see if all is correct for tomorrow ( going to the clinic in Rouen for my eye ultrasound ) then go shopping for my daughter’s Birthday meal. Maud  is 38  Today and the meal will be on Saturday evening. Already 38 ! Time flies quickly!
So I will be busy the next coming days and I wish you a nice weekend .

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  1. Dear Catherine, I hope you will enjoy your weekend, too. I am coming back from M. today.
    Happy birthday to your daughter. I wish her all the best. With love, Eva

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Time does indeed, fly!
    Happy weekend!

  3. The souffle looks good, but I'll pass on the carrot burgers.
    We are celebrating my daughter's birthday on Saturday too, but her actual birthday is March 4th. She will be 50! She will be in Hawaii on a diving trip on that day.

  4. Bonjour Catherine,
    The question "What to make for dinner?" is a regular one around here. Your souffle and the carrot burgers both sound delicious. I hope your ultrasound goes well, and the party for your daughter's birthday. Many happy birthday wishes to Maud.

  5. I've never made a souffle - that looks good!
    Hope you get a good report tomorrow.
    Yes, how can our kids be that age? My youngest is 35 now.

  6. I hope your eye ultrasound went well. Hugs, Éva


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