dimanche 19 février 2023

Country Life

( source: Proust la cuisine retrouvée est Chêne )
Hello Friends,

This morning I cooked the meal and baked some Madeleines. I found the trick to have the bump on the madeleine. I refrigerated the madeleines in the mold then bake at 240 degrees C for 5 mn and the 200 C until cooked ( less than 10 mn)

This is the result
Ready for tea! After an hour walk in the countryside.
In a Cornwall cup , a “Royal Albert”
This is on our way, our little church and churchyard 
An old wall made of draw 

The old presbytery 
A house which is open only during the Summer

The inside of our ⛪️ 
On our way back, the weather was grey but dry and 11C quite nice for a walk!

I hope you enjoyed your day.

5 commentaires:

  1. Looks like a lovely walk! Love the stain glass windows in your

  2. Beautiful photos. It is good to be here. Love, Éva

  3. Our day is just beginning here. It's gray and cold and damp. I'll be mostly inside finding ways to occupy myself .
    That walk through your village is wonderful. Having visited your part of France, I can picture it. Thank you.

  4. I loved this little walk with you! Your area is so beautiful and full of charm. I love your church, inside and outside!

  5. A beautiful walk in lovely countryside. The madeleines have very impressive bumps!


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