mardi 7 février 2023

Spring cleaning 🧹 lol 😆

This will be a beautiful cold week!

The sun is already shining.

I found this photo in my father’s belongings. This is a view of the cruise boat « France » a long time ago.

In his youth my father had worked on a cruise boat ⛴️ 

He was working wood and did the inside of the cabins of a cruise boat if I remember he was working in Brittany in Brest on the « Antilles » ( name of the boat)

He was working with precious woods like Mahogany…
It was a very luxurious boat and he worked for one year or two on it.

( from internet Wikipedia)

This is today’s view from our bedroom window
My son’s hobby when he was at home

 Keeping my magazines tidy. Yesterday I had a look at my cook books and decided to give some, Mr L has taken them to put in the book box in town where people  can take the book they want. It is close to his office.

I will continue to donate books. spring cleaning! 😝 
This morning  I cut the boiler, opened the windows and cleaned all of them, Spring cleaning has begun!

4 commentaires:

  1. I should do the same with my cook books too.

  2. Hooray for sunshine! Spring cleaning also feels good. I cleaned out my cookbooks last year and donated a bunch. I haven't missed them.
    Good for you for all you are getting done.

  3. Good luck with the spring cleaning. I cleaned our bedroom a little bit today. It was nice to see those old photo of that ship. Very interesting,

  4. Interesting to learn that your father did fine woodwork on luxury ships.
    I reduced my cook books several years ago. We also go rid of most old magazines. I have only found a few things I am ready to part with this year, so far.


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