lundi 13 février 2023

Happy Valentine day! 💘

(Source: « Love pets »

On this special day, they all wish you a « Happy Valentine day »

 Today continues to be a sunny day and I will continue my little routine. Painting , cleaning, cooking and reading. Today reading will replace crocheting.

I will be glad when the cabinet painting will be finished.
I will have a rest after my eye surgery is done. I must not do anything for a week! No cleaning…
I booked my last appointment yesterday.
Two days before I have a rest at the hairdresser, this will be my week break and then continue.
In April, we recieved from my son a stay in a « Tiny House » near Deauville on the Normandy coast  so I must book the kennel for Bandit.

(Source: « parcel tiny house » ) France.
Yesterday, I made a pear and poiret bread 🥖. It was originally an apple and cider bread, but as I had pear (cider) and pears I changed the recipe.

Today is the Valentine Lottery day, we usually never play, but this time Mr L is going to get one ticket, you never know … if we won!

« Happy Valentine day! »

4 commentaires:

  1. those "heart" pictures/animals are amazing, each so unique!! it's going to feel wonderful when those cabinets are done!! i love pears, sounds like a good substitution!!

  2. Ooh, the pear bread looks amazing! You will be so pleased when the painting of cabinets is finished and you can rest knowing the work is done.

  3. Your pear bread looks delicious. Yum!
    Thanks for all of the lovable animal pictures.

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Those heart animals are so cool!


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