lundi 6 février 2023

Like a Monday.

 Today, is the first day of a frosty week. We are back to winter again. 

On Saturday, we had the visit of our daughter and husband and we had a «  crêpe » ( pan cake) meal for Candlemas. Crepes with ham, egg and cheese. On Saturday and Sunday I had Maxime on Skype. They have had a nice time on Seychelles islands and they are now back to Dubai.

My daughter took my mother’s Tv and family pictures I brought back from her flat.

Mr L helped me to store Xmas decorations and things we wanted to put away.

We will have a cold, but sunny ☀️ week.

Yesterday, I noticed the daffodils pointing out and the weeping willows leaves already coming out.

This morning, I ordered my last taxi drive ro the clinic in Rouen for my eye surgery. Many taxi drives! Three before, then surgery ( Mr L is coming) and two post surgery. 

Morning ☕️ coffee with macaroons and I found my Polaroid camera ( it was one of my children’s present)

The weather being sunny I will use it this afternoon.

Enjoy your Monday!( sunny but cold)

6 commentaires:

  1. That's such a beautiful cup and saucer. And the macarons look delicious! Stay cozy and warm!

  2. Happy Monday! Glad the sun is shining for you. It is here too.
    I love the cup and saucer!

  3. Your cup, saucer, and spoon are s beautiful! The spoon handle looks like mother-of-pearl. Congratulations on the very last trip for your eye!

  4. I like it that you surround yourself with such pretty things.

  5. Just had to stop by and say how much I like that cup and saucer.

    All the best Jan


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