samedi 25 février 2023

Birthday dinner. 🎂

This is our daughter 38 th Birthday dinner tonight!
Hello Friends !
This morning, I got up early to make Lemon curd for my lemon 🍋 individual pies. It takes time to stir and when I finished my son called me on Skype. Maxime 
Has a new toy a little xylophone ( as these days he is always hit the table with his spoon) but he was tired and went to bed, did not sleep well last night, so did the parents!
This is a w’view of one of our weeping willow and some blue sky, but this afternoon it is all grey.

 This is the result of my Lemon curd.
I used it in a crust I have already baked and this afternoon I will put meringue on top.

The Birthday cake 🎂 is in the fridge, the menu will be very simple, what they like best is a « Raclette » it is melting cheese on cooked potatoes with different hams.
This is what we will use to melt the cheese. Each one of us will have some kinds of little pans and we use the wood spoon to get the melted cheese down on the potatoes 🥔 !
Of course as Normands we will drink cider 🍺 !
This is a very simple menu, but we will have fun together and will be warm!

5 commentaires:

  1. Dear Catherine, being together with our loved ones is one of the best things. I am happy that your daughter's birthday was good.
    I hope that Maxime will sleep well this night.
    I wish you all the best, Éva

  2. That all sounds and looks really good.
    By now you are probably finished with the eating. We will celebrate my daughter's birthday this evening. Happy birthday to both! And congratulations to us moms.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like a lovely party and those little pies look so good!
    I hope Maxime has a better night.

  4. Félicitations pour votre fille. J'ai apprécié votre blog et vos belles photos.

  5. Dear Catherine,
    Raclette is a wonderful meal and sparks good conversation. I have a raclette machine that is round and we enjoy it sometimes in the winter. Happy Birthday to your daughter! The lemon tarts look beautiful and delicious.


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