mardi 21 février 2023

Mardi Gras! Beignets 🍩

(Source: ZZZOe)
Today it is “Shrove Tuesday” “Mardi Gras”
The time of Carnival’s end . The most famous is in Venice, but it is also time for the children to disguise and eat pan cakes and beignets ( apple doughnuts.)
It’s origin is a Roman pagan custom to celebrate the end of winter. It takes place 47 days before Easter. Just before “Carême” Lent during 40 days. Our word Carême  comes from “ Carne levare” which is no meat eaten during those days. Just before Ash Wednesday.
So today those who do Lent can eat meat and crepes and beignets, before stopping for 40 days. 
When I was a child, the vicar of my church gave us a little box and during Lent we did not eat sweets and put the coins in the box. On Easter Day we took our box to church for the children that needed help.
It was very long without any sweets 😆 but the box was heavy!
(Source ZZZOe)( éphéméride)
I went to Venice and stayed a week there. I have never seen the “Carnaval” but it is on my Wish List!
This is a vintage puppet head “le gendarme” the constable in “Guignol
These are my Apple beignets. It’s been a long time since I made beignets since the children left home 🏡 

2 commentaires:

  1. Once again I am impressed by your baking skills!
    I love the story of your childhood.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your experience of Mardi Gras and your childhood during Lent. The apple Beignets look delicious!


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