jeudi 16 février 2023

Tea time

This tea pot is a Sadler numbered one I bought in Great Britain, it’s a Christmas Carol one  and I bought it in 1993
This one is an “Emma Bridgewater “

Some years ago, I found this special tea ☕️ pot which I found very interesting and unusual. A breakfast tea pot with all needed food and even the morning newspaper!

This rose decorated one makes me think of Summer! 

Today will be a rest day! No paint but reading and hairdresser! 

Have a nice day!

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh! I love the Rose teapot! Beautiful!

  2. very pretty, it's good to have a rest day!!

  3. These teapots are absolutely beautiful...I have to look at them again in a moment...what a treat...enjoy your tea and enjoy your day off.
    Hug of Viola

  4. I have quite a few teapots too, but none as fancy as yours!
    I go to the hairdresser today too.


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