jeudi 25 mai 2023

Picnic đŸ§ș basket and picnic weather.

Our forgotten picnic basket, we will re use !
It has real glasses and real plates( good for the planet 🌍 !

We can add ice and keep our food fresh

(Source: cuisine de plein Air France loisirs ) 
Vintage book! I used for our picnics with our children.
I was in my recliner with Bandit on my lap and looking at the swallows flying high in the sky. Their flight is very gracious and they are so quick.
It was a relief that my daughter arrived safely after cycling on her own during three days, through isolated lanes and forest lanes. I followed her and her husband too on her tracker during these days.
I went to have a look at the flowers and found a new Peony blooming soon. This rose bush will be covered with flowers.

 Saturday evening, my husband invited me to a restaurant. We usually like the food, but this time we chose  a dish that was covered with cheese and brown in the oven, but now we pay more and we looked for the ham and the cheese??? All the prices are going up and they reduce the ingredients  and quality !

We tried many different places and it is the same . So we decided to bring Picnic with us like we used to do before, in our picnic basket found years ago in a thrift store. I will look in my summer cooking books and on internet to find new salads and sandwiches ideas.

We are going to have again a three days weekend and nice weather for a picnic!

4 commentaires:

  1. The prices here in Texas and the United States are ridiculous! So High! We eat out very little, anymore.
    Glad she's safe!

  2. Fantastic picnic basket :-)
    With this beautiful weather, a picnic is absolutely great... we did that with the family the other day.
    I don't like eating in restaurants because I usually don't like it... I get my ingredients from the farmer and market if possible and the quality in the restaurants is often not as good as at home... so a picnic is great.
    (p.s. of course there are exceptions, here and there a good restaurant, but you have to search and find it)
    Your roses are gorgeous... I still have very small buds...I let know on the blog when I have the first flowers :-)))
    Many greetings - happy picnic. Viola

  3. p.s. i also watch the swallows in flight... it's lovely.
    Glad your kid had a great bike ride.

  4. Prices for everything seem to keep rising more and more. Eating in restaurants is expensive and can be disappointing. I think you're wise to take a picnic basket and make your own food for a lovely picnic. It's kind of romantic, don't you think?


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