jeudi 25 mai 2023

DIY painting .

I wanted, the before and after, but blogger decided the contrary!

I had this wooden stool for years and always said I was going to paint it… yesterday, I did. I had some paint left from the table I have painted in my shed and decided I was going to use it.

It took me the day to cover it with two coats of paint and sand it before, but now it is done!

The weather is beautiful and not too hot and we will work on the shed again.. It is a hard work and I don’t want to work three days on it, too tiring. We again have a three days weekend and I will rest, too much people on the roads! We will stay home.

Have a nice weekend!


4 commentaires:

  1. Have a good weekend. You really have to rest after having done so much work. I will also stay at home and relax during the next three days.

  2. Enjoy your weekend at home. The step ladder looks great in its new coat of paint. We will be home this weekend, too, after having been away last weekend.

  3. The ladder looks good.
    We will be mostly at home for our three day weekend. But then every day is a weekend for us.

  4. It looks so nice! I love the color!


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